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Hey, remember when the Backstreet Boys were all lined up and glowing in pristine linens in an airplane hangar for their " I Want It That Way " video? Boyz II Men's above look predates that by five years. Fittingly for the early '90s, the dudes are working with bizarro, boxy-tailored pieces, and Wanya Morris in a jacket and trousers with a mismatched vest, and Michael McCary in a sleeveless vest with a Nehru collar. IDK what's up with that.

Chris Brown – Make Love

I don't remember that being a trend then. Let's also spotlight the accessories. Meaning he was the one they convinced to wear suspenders. Shawn, however, wears his with roomy, pleated slacks GAH, 90s!!!

Excellent use of wardrobe as prop. Unlike McCary's cane Looks like the boyz finally made it into that gated residence they were singing in front of and decided to change their clothes for their new set. Thanks for playing. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment Well, this song is telling the story of a woman who is married to a man who cannot have children, or is sterile, but she wants to. Then one day she sees the guy in a store and he notices the child right away because it has his eyes. General Comment This song is about a woman that wants to have a baby, but cannot because her husband is incapable, so she picks up a random dude from the street.

So they go into a hotel basically a one night stand. The man then awakens to find a note poetically saying, "we shared a night, but it wasn't anything that special, so don't try to find me, but remember me.

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When he looked up from his desk, he saw her baby and relized that it was his he saw his own eyes. So then the lady tells him about her other lover stated above.

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The music video clearly explains it. DeathValley69 wow I'm from Argentina And I understood the lyric wrong thank you for clearing it up It's sad This song moved me Flag paulalu4 on March 02, So we found this hostel, this place looked like hell We had tragic sex that night.

I'll Make Love To You

Oh, what a strange fucking sight He brought the animal out of me.. I told him I want some marijuana, lets smoke some weed We went hunting for a bargain, cheap is fine by me. All I want to do is make love to you One night of love is all I knew All want to do is make love to you I've got lovin I said please, please i dont understand It was one night All I wanted to do is make love to you One night of love is all I knew All I wanted to do is make love to you Come on, you said will, you wanted too All I wanted to do is make love to you One night of love is all I knew All I wanted to do is make love to you Said you will baby, you wanted too All night long I'm so happy that I came across this it seriously made my night.

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I never laughed so hard. Do you have anymore remixes to lyrics you've done? I would enjoy reading them.

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This cracked me up : Flag AbbyGibson on April 09, General Comment I used to love this track years and years ago!! General Comment easy meaning Well I have to add my 2 cent's since it has happened to me. I lost my drivers licence and had to hitch hike to work every day well this youg woman would allways see me and pass by well one day it was raining and she picked me up well we became friends and the problem was she was getting married but at the same time falling for me well she stumbled accross the tape all I want to do is make love to you well she did we made love on a rainy day and then we were got cought by her new husband makeing out well she had to make a choice and she stayed with him but she was with child my child I have never seen her again Flag ttewor on September 12, Flag Casey on June 25, General Comment nope, not quite, sh'es not married when she picks the guy up, she just wants a one night stand.

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Flag hemanta on May 13, General Comment To the little twit above me General Comment A terrifying song from a man's point of view. How the tables can be turned like that. Powerful lryics - top notch song!

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General Comment These lyrics are too vague and leave too many questions unanswered. I agree with the intentional pregnancy interpretation.