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If a person cannot move up socially in his larger bounded system, the result is lack of trust, and the individual disengages with the dominant group in society. A person needs to know there is a way upward in the hierarchy, a way to achieve, that upward mobility exists. None of these vexations can be solved by abstention from social political or economic relations between in-groups and out-groups.

By not engaging one another, by allowing concrete walls to define our actions, we weaken the fabric of society at our own peril. He worked out of his room, in the beginning, and after three years brought the magazine to a distribution of 70, and a full-time staff of seven. Gastman also had a graffiti career of his own. He has for years been an artist and mediator between the street art underground and mainstream culture.

He founded R. Rock Enterprises to nurture fledgling and internationally established artists. Cost, whose real name is Adam Cost, and Revs, whose real name is unknown to the public, are best recognized for bombarding Lower Manhattan in the early s, says Bonhams. This unique and influential collaboration parted ways in Recently Cost returned to the studio, and Revs continues to avoid the commercial art world. Or, depending upon your perspective, the washroom walls that graffiti vandalizes.

No matter which outlook, the medium represents a human desire to communicate. Twitter and Facebook are just such cutting edge mediums for graffiti art. Twitter teems with account users who graffiti tweet. In that medium, we call this Twitter art. The entire point of social media is centered around getting up. One could even say this of blogs and certain Websites like Lulu.

The top ten Alexa ranked social media sites are the best examples of the digital way of getting up: 1. Facebook ; 2.


Twitter ; 3. LinkedIn ; 4. MySpace ; 5. DeviantArt ; 7. LiveJournal ; 8. Tagged ; 9. Orkut ; If renowned sociologist Emile Durkheim were alive today, he might see the Tech Revolution as threatening to increase anomie. In other words, technology is isolating people from personal relationships with others in their bounded systems.

As Durkheim would put it, the Web offers little moral guidance, unlike in-person friendships and tight-knit family gatherings. The famous sociologist might even say graffiti writing is solid evidence of severe anomie in our society. Strickland in The Annotated Mona Lisa. The movement is much like the waxes and wanes of skateboard culture. It falls into a quite mode then emerges once again, but morphed. As such, graffiti is most certainly an art movement, as well as a counter culture. It will have lost its base, that is, being counter would become the norm, or the mainstream.

Such shifts are common in the art world. Impressionism used to be scoffed at, except by the discerning art collector eye. The short and choppy brushstrokes of the movement brought ridicule. Hence the term Renaissance, meaning rebirth. This era embraced balanced perspectives, idealized figures and chiaroscuro. As soon as Impressionism triumphed over the mainstream and became the dominant art, the movement morphed. This micro-movement only lasted from Impressionism then morphed into Post-Impressionism. Graffiti is just such a morphing sociological phenomenon.

Most consider its origins to be NYC and Philidelphia. Marin is a great collector of graffiti art, and he states American graffiti began in the barrios of Los Angles decades before. It has even been found in Egyptian tombs. This tomb preserved the city and gave archeologists an unprecedented perspective of the ancient world brougt to halt in the middle of daily routine…Archeaologists observed a large number of graffiti, percent of which has since been erased due to exposure to the elements after excavation…Many of the walls were brightly painted and highly decorated, and the graffiti was scratched into the underlying white plaster to make it show through…In the ancient Roman world, graffiti was a well-respected writing form…The Pompeii graffiti often combined the word Feliciter, meaning happily, with other words, such as a name, which meant you were wishing the person well.

Numerous other graffiti were uncovered at Pompeii that said Feliciter Pompeii, which meant they were wishing the whole city well. Step forward in time where history records graffiti writing in the Medieval Era. Reportedly, the dictator believed Kilroy to be a real person who, as a high level Allied spy, could infiltrate anywhere, all because of the prolific use of the graffiti. Push forward again a decade to Philadelphia. A youth, named Darryl Alexander McCray, is thought to be the progenitor of modern graffiti, says Gastman.

He began his graffiti writing career in Next came a significant era in graffiti art history: the New York Style. This era saw spray can art, subway art, latrinalia, or bathroom wall marking, and folk epigrapghy, which are signatures, proclamations of love, witty comments in response to advertisements and any number of individual, political or social commentary, says Dennant. It differs from other forms of graffiti styles in that it conveys only one type of message: specifically the identity of the graffiti writer, that is a tag, or pseudonym.

This style also employs the usage of nicknames, codes and symbols with stylized aesthetic systems geared toward an audience already privy to the messages, an action that probably enhanced group solidarity. It transpired during the first hip-hop era in that mega-city.

  1. Etudes de moeurs. 3e-4e livres. Scènes de la vie parisienne et scènes de la vie politique. T. XII (sic). Les comédiens sans le s (French Edition);
  2. Smart Power: Toward a Prudent Foreign Policy for America.
  3. To Silence the Mourning Wind;
  4. Structural Dynamics and Probabilistic Analysis for Engineers.

This in turn led to angry and authoritarian art forms such as graffiti and Punk Rock. The urban space of a supercity like NYC is isolated and fragmented by ethnic, class, and consumer segregation, according to the study Urban Graffiti: Crime, Control and Resistance , by Jeff Ferrell. The company, Bonhams and Brooks, mergered in with Phillips Son and Neale to create the present company. In , the company acquired the principal West coast auctioneer, Butterfields.

The Birth of Hollywood's Brat Pack -- New York Magazine - Nymag

Bonhams has two major salesrooms in London, with three others in U. The Inaugural U. Urban Art Sale was held Monday, October 29, at p. Phone: Ruptured Media is also a story development company. Kriss built the Topanga Journal from the ground up. She earned the magazine digital distribution through iTunes, Amazon and Magzter. Published in Art and News. The Urban Art underground could soon be the mainstream. Whoever peeled back the BloodRayne billboard to reveal this horrifying secret, Williams' name is pretty much synonymous with the film scoring category, but the New York Times backs up the case for his repeat nominations, accompanied by a pleasant audio slide show, in their Red Carpet section NYT's version of LAT's The Envelope.

With Google providing a map API for anybody who wants to play, map mashups are spreading like wildfire. Submarine wrecks, golf courses, volcanos, Chicago crime: they're all being mapped with Googlemaps. Anyone can sign up, post a restaruant, short description, and its location: voila, it's mapped! So far we trust the restaurant Zines article, I did, somewhat reluctantly. But I stood up for blogs. Well, the paper didn't print my sidebar; instead, they used parts of it in the article; the issue is not yet online.

Yesterday was New Comics Day new comic books are released on Wednesdays, so if you have a friend or loved one who disappears for a few hours each Wednesday, chances are that they're a closet geek , which took us to one of our favorite local comic book haunts. Yes, we're geeky, and we admit it. Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd.

LAist loves watching TV. Especially on cold winter nights in LA. So we were psyched for the all new episode of Criminal Minds last night. We taped Lost because this particular writer's household still hasn't invested in a TiVo. But that's about to change very soon. We've already heard the warnings that iPod usage can damage the hearing. We promise to be discreet — all questions will We don't pretend to know everything there is to know about Los Angeles.

In fact, we'd venture to bet that there are some of you reading right now that think we don't know squat about squat. You'd claim we just got off the greyhound bus from Tupelo and should just shut up already. First, you're so rude. Second, don't harsh our vibe. We think we know a little bit. Or at least know where At the show, the major and minor electronics companies duke it out with press confrences to announce that they have developed similar products to each other that while new and exciting are not really that new or exciting.

Plus, most of these products are just being announced and are not really available So Jon Stewart will host the Oscars this year. Hosting the Oscars solo is a little like climbing Everest: the idea of doing it is always there, taunting America's elite comedians and raconteurs. Some, like Bob Hope, can beat it — 12 times he hosted alone, and more times with helpers tagging along.

Others end up like Beck Weathers and David Letterman, beaten and barely alive, knowing they'll never do it again. But the No sooner had we posted about the not-quiet-announced Oscar host than the SAG Award nominees were announced. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Terrence Howard was robbed. Other than that, it's what you'd expect. Both leads And the Gray Lady isn't the only one to see the Okay, so now that The Chronic what?! Not to be creepy, but we know where you were today, only because we, and what seemed like half of LA, were there too.

That's right, we went to see a movie at the ArcLight--the movie theatre we just proclaimed our favorite in all of Los Angeles.

Today, however, the ArcLight wavered on our personal "it" list, and we mean the "it" that follows a short "Shhhhh Bluntly and comically, a Canadian couple shares accounts of their new homeland, including seeing a rapper in the bank and dealing with Homeland Security. After perusing this crackup blog, we had to share some of our favorite quotes with you: Santa Monica is pretty much like every scene from White Men Can't Jump, except Earlier this week when we were hurting from the evils of drink, we got this advice over and over: exercise. Because the air might do you good.

We used to think we loved everything about pop culture; we could even get some twisted enjoyment out of The Simple Life. But the appearance of Nicole Richie's book at 9 on this week's LA Times bestseller list is just wrong. If you said that hardcover purchases by people who read People is good thing, we'd agree with you. But The Truth About Diamonds is categorized as fiction, sharing the list with popular novels Fifteen years ago, most people would be confused at the concept of the Search Engine as we know it today.

These days, they are big business. We use them daily, they're our homepages, and a new lucrative career has burgeoned for the sole purpose of getting higher rankings on them. Earlier this week, Yahoo! A random sampling of some of our favorite uncategorizables of the year. Stay tuned for a restaurant roundup, our favorite news stories, and some books and bars we love. If we can remember the bars.

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Today seemed perfect for a little dose of cute. That's a cute black kitten, huh? Cute cute cute. And remarkably like the historic Felix the Cat sign that adorns a car dealership at Figueroa and Jefferson, south of downtown LA. We did some digging, and here "historic" means "put up around The guy If you are crazy enough to be up New Year's morning and don't want to wear yourself out before going to the Rose Parade on Monday, why not run a 5K?

Hell, make it harder on yourself and run it in the sand. Then take a dip in the ocean for a Polar Bear Swim to cool off. Think we're kidding? Los Angeles doesn't take a calorie-burning day off! Resolution Festival, a first If, unlike us, you don't procrastinate, you're already planning for the disposal of your Christmas tree.

Maybe you already booked the full-service recycling disposal from the aptly-named California Christmas Tree Recycling. For a fee, they'll come to your house, drain the stand, remove the tree, vacuum the dropped needles and then take your holiday decor off to become mulch for more trees. For less dough, they'll grab it from your curb and make sure We're guessing if you're reading this right now, you've got a little bit of time to kick back and be good to your own good self. The contributors to LAist spend an awful lot of time on the internet, and we've compiled this list of some of our favorite blogs for just this kind of moment.

A sampling: defamer, gizmodo, terra non firma Well, you waited for it and it's finally here: Christmas. Family, friends, all that. What are you going to do next? You're going to Disneyland! Or if Mickey turns your stomach, there's something for you too. Punk rock never rests! Photo by Tony via Flickr This week Salon published a great essay by Wil Wheaton about Thanksgiving with his family.

It serves as an excellent model for being mature when your parents' political views clash with your own; if you've ever been tempted to storm out and drink schnapps behind the garage until it's time for dinner, this might help. The politics in question was the execution of Tookie Williams, and over on Wil's blog there's an excerpt, if If you're celebrating Christmas but haven't yet finished your shopping, there's not a moment to spare.

A couple of our contributors have some shopping spots they love that might be a good bet. Open until pm. Open until 9pm. Taschen Beverly Hills : artsy books.

Upcoming Events

Open until 5pm. American Apparel Hanukkah comes to us a little late this year, and so close to Christmas, which means those who partake in the menorah-lighting will have more to do this weekend, and it means we've taken very liberal license to make an excess of Christmukkah references G-d bless you, Seth Cohen. The fun of Hanukkah is a little less in-your-face than the merriment of Xmas that is unless you drive on Fairfax with any regularity , and Still searching for that special Hanukkah or Chrismukkah gift? Ruth Andrew Ellenson has a suggestion for you - The Modern Jewish Girl's Guide to Guilt - perfect for the girl or goy on your list sorry, we couldn't resist that one.

Released by Dutton in August and edited by Ellenson, the book is a collection from 28 women writers — including Aimee Bender and Daphne Merkin — who explore what it means to be a Everything has pretty much gone Christmukkah-tastic for the weekend, and dining options are slim or extra-special, since most folks will be roasting their own chestnuts over their own open fires at home for the next few days. This time of year is also about tradition, whether it be the Chinese food feast as avoidance strategy on Christmas Eve or Day, spiked Egg Nogs after Midnight Mass, baking cookies for Santa, hoarding the chocolate coin We didn't know exactly what a Camera Obscura was, but he explains.

It's pretty cool. We just walk by and cringe, but they know what was where. The historically important kitchen seems to be open to the elements. A wishful thinking LA landmark: A It's easy to forget that it's winter around here. You probably didn't even notice that today is the winter solstice. Yesterday temperatures in LA reached 80 degrees, just 3 degrees lower than the highest ever recorded in the city that was in Not that we're complaining; in fact, we'll be busting out the sunscreen.

If you're thinking beach, you're not the only one: LA Observed tells us that waves are up today — Blogs are a strange combination of the intimate and the public. Like diaries, they are confessional. Like billboards, they're just sitting out there for anybody to drive past. And chances are, just when you think nobody ever reads your blog, your boss checks in, stops short, and boomaloom: you're fired.

Our sympathies are, of course, with almost anyone who gets fired because of their blog. However, our sympathies are not with the idiotic teenager Ok, the countdown to Chrismukkah has begun. People, you have about 2. One reader recently commented that rather than hitting the retail megaplexes, Angelenos should hit the mom-and-pop places.

The world's most rock'n'roll hotels

Good advice. And here's a shop that you can probably find something for everyone -- at least for those with a sense of humor. The Y-Que Trading Post Monday, pm, Los Feliz.

The Box Brothers on Hillhurst. The mood: patience, mostly.

#759 VICKY HAMILTON's Rock N' Roll Tour of the 80's SUNSET STRIP! - Daily Vlog (9/4/18)

The guys at this Box Brothers are always cheerful, joking, and totally competent. Bring in your packages and they have boxes, bubble wrap, those foam squiggles, padded envelopes, address labels at the ready. They will pack everything for you and ship it intact. So what's it like there on December 19, with the shipping countdown on? Boxes ready for pickup, The company started making the plain t-shirts for other companies that would then, you know, print stuff on 'em.

They still do that, but now notoriety, sexy ad campaigns and dozens of standalone retail stores have made American Apparel a brand of its own. The main factory is in downtown LA, an enormous, George Bush held a press conference this morning to explain why he's cool with the NSA reading e-mails and tapping phones of Americans. Without warrants. If you guessed terrorism, you're right. If you guessed he'd say "Saddam" when he meant "Osama bin Laden," you'd also be right.

Avowedly left-contrarian Martini Republic has pulled some choice quotes. According to her memoir Madame ,Hollywood madam Alex Adams operated a brothel here forseveral years before her arrest. In Pellicano was indicteda second time on different charges of wiretapping andwitness tampering. Pellicano allegedly spied on Hollywoodcelebrities and sometimes their wives on behalf of hisfamous clients. Fields and Pellicano worked hand in hand trying to discreditthe family of the year-old boy who originally accusedMichael Jackson of child molestation.

Pellicano, who cultivated his image as a tough,baseball-bat-wielding intimidator of opposing parties inlawsuits, was tied to a number of disturbing incidents andsuspected of hiring thugs to terrify several members of thepress. Journalist-turned-director-and-producer Rod Lurie suspected that Pellicanoarranged for Lurie to become a hit-and-run victim while hewas bicycle riding.

Pellicano suspiciously called him thefollowing day to ask about his injuries. Similarly, NedZeman, a staff writer for Vanity Fair who was doing aseparate piece on Segal, was threatened on a Laurel Canyonroad when a dark Mercedes that had been following himpulled alongside his car. A man in the Mercedes pointed apistol at Zeman and pulled the trigger. As this book goes to press, Pellicano is awaitingtrial.

Lindsay Lohan bought a unit here, but never moved in. Actor Peter Lawford also lived here in the lates and early s, after he sold his beach house inSanta Monica. Lawford moved out of Sierra Towers afterthe 6. Hillcrest Drive—which iswhere the Beverly Hills tour in this book starts—is just twoblocks west of Sierra Towers on Doheny. See page Former residents include Courteney Cox, who, in the late s, owned another home at Appian Way.

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Case Studies. This tour also includes a few homes in the Like this book? You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes!