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Blog lifedev. About Blog Tami is here to help you find inspiration for personal growth and a happy life. Take a look around, maybe you'll like it here! The Inspiration Lady is a self-improvement and lifestyle blog dedicated to helping women live healthy, happy lives. Blog theinspirationlady. About Blog Key Life exists to communicate that the deepest message of the ministry of Jesus and the Bible is the radical grace of God to sinners and sufferers. For two to five thousand dollars I'll go on a great vacation and read dome books on the Dharma because his whole act is based on the things Buddha said thousands of years ago.

If you want to learn the causes and cessation of suffering go to a Buddhist event, not a to dollar screaming, yelling, massaging, self aggrandizing big guy who is a billionaire on your money. Two thousand a head for three days. You do the math. Week after week, year after year, decade after decade. I agreed with you. I preferred attending a vipassana retreat more than attending any of these kind of seminar.

It cannot help us eradicate the foot of suffering, this maybe one of the reasons that people keeps attending more and more seminars. Everyone is entitled to their opinion! It changed my life and my future and I would encourage everyone to experience it for themselves! This article makes it sound like some lame event led by an ego centric, money grubbing, narcissist. Did you not start this article by talking about all your accomplishments in order to get people to take you seriously?

I believe same as you. America spiritual and cosching world have niceee cheesy and superficial and just another business. I agree. All that is around oneself is already within. Some need the push. Others do the pushing. It's a life long learning. Like the old saying "people are like sheep". They tend to follow the followers. There's no magic bullet. Near death experiences whether personal or shared will help create this profound awareness most seminars try to unleash. Every type of experience is personal. What now drives someone like Mr Robbins is money.

Money to pay for the machine. It's a catch twenty two. His wonderful shared beliefs are now sold instead of being given. Once the giving becomes a commodity the original intent is lost on most. I am 57 years old. Life will change and we all have to make decisions. Sometime not knowing the out come. Like the old saying goes " We Live We Learn". But if you pray and trust God after you research, etc. Then you can rest assured all things work together for good for those who belief. How this work. Well we learn from our mistakes and from our success.

The most important thing is that God walk with us always because he never leave us or forsake us. Enjoy the journey of live and trust God always. Learn to share and give to others. Read the Bible that is the best self help book, and spiritual guide and fulfillment ever written. All we have to do is obey and follow direction and of course it all will be different for each one of us.

Since the changes and the life we all live, choose and call to live is unit for each one of us. I say choose because we have free will, and call because events will happen in our life cause and influence by others that we will not choose.

Life Blogs

Sometimes unexplained. But in those we could learn or tell God I leave them in your hand and do not understand the meeting but it does not matter. Say God thank you for walking with me, thank you for life, and thank you for your protection and keep walking and living life in faith with him. Also learn to love other human like yourself since we are all crated in the image of God. Now we do not have to agree with every behavior that is negative, including our own.

God Bless you all! Thank you for this article. I was researching Tony Robins and really have never watched or heard any of his talks. I was thinking of going to a UPW event in Dallas because it seems like everyone is talking about how amazing it is and even though I feel like he's a total phony, maybe there's something to it. But, you are affirming my gut feeling. I take personal development days where I watch loads of videos on Youtube from Impact Theory, to Ted Talks, to whatever fills my brain with answers, more questions, and intelligencehealthy food, yoga, nature, social activity, and challenge.

How to Buy

For me that's FREE! And one of my biggest pet peaves in life is being "had", wasting my money on something that I thought might be a good chance to takeand at Tony's price point, that would be a huge resentment for me. I can put that money towards an event much more meaningful. This person is the consummate con man. He makes a living ripping people off with his phony, feel-good garbage. What empowerment should he teach? Protect your wallet from clowns like me!

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Beta I have taken Tony's courses many times over the years and he inspired me to start my own internet business. Now, I finally moved out of my mom's basement and into my own sq ft apartment in a gender equal neighborhood that is pro-Israel. I feel like I have conquered the Mountain! I respect your opinion of Tony but again, I, like took his courses to heart and I totally succeeded! You feel good for two or three days, then it wears off. I walked out and adopted conservative views and morals. Stopped being so damned self absorbed and began be in service to others.

Went Fishing and thanked God for my Wife and Life. Never looked back! Spent way too much time talking about his ego driven personal financial accomplishmen's and name dropping. I came away thinking Tony seriously needs to improve that aspect of his life. Too much time promoting his products.

People paid lots of money to be helped Perhaps mentions then let people go to the booths to sign up or purchase products. His energy level resonated with the masses and that got people involved. How often in our lives can we "let go" and get into mutual mental psych. Typically only at a great sporting event. His message of self love, love others, respect others, help yourself and others around you and your world will improve. I did not attend both Friday or Sunday. I only wanted to see what Tony had to say, how the crowd perceived that messay and what we all got out of it.

I left physically and emotionally drained in a good way just connecting with the around me and being caught up in the energy of it all. My love of people, of the world around me, of my life choice of extensive international travel has given me insight into how people should be treated, how I love my choices I have made, how my successes are from believing in myself and that I have always faces life decision's with a GO FOR IT attitude and listening to myself with the confidence of a CAN DO approach.

I can assure you thousands of people who attended had their lives changed. Frankly I never liked Tony. He Always blathered and never told anything that an average Joe wouldn't know. He's a kind of high profile escort who just make a living out of making people good about themselves. More fart less shit. He's high fiving himself. Take another look. My boss swears by him and sends a few employees every year all Expenses paid which I know is very generous. But Jesus fuckking Christ. Idk man. One lady literally wanted to have a whole ass conversation in the bathroom.

Mind you my coworker was waiting outside for me and I had no way to get rid of her. Even when she saw him she kept taking to me!!! And then the guilt knowing my boss spent all this money on me for nothing. OMG this is exactly how I felt. Funny how one of the stories he told is about he cured a woman of a snake phobia in 15 minutes I didnt stay for the hard sell and I'm not going back to day 3 either. So in short going to the seminar helper you after all even if it wasn't from The source you thought it would be from? I was given a ticket as a gift but also walked out.

I love Sadhguru Check him out. For those looking for insight from more sources. I am in the exact same boat. Way too much jumping around. I am at the seminar this weekend. Left early day 1 after I got fed up hugging my neighbors and found myself not wanting to scream or dance or jump anymore.

Day 1. Let him hear you! Exactly my thoughts. I flew all the way from Colombia for this, and was expecting something different. I lasted the entire day 1 as it would have required me to sit in traffic and fight my way back to Orange County so I stayed and kept thinking it was just me and I needed to open up more. After having to give a random massage to a person in my row and after several sessions of jumping around half assed I realized that this was really not that engaging for me.

I am interested in self improvement and growth and also in a good place in life but expect that I can do more and deliver higher results. The seminar was not going to provide what I thought and there was just way too many songs, disco lights, clapping, jumping around that was wasting time and not providing any value. The introduction at the start was terrible with 8 songs and a group of dancers on stage that did not belong.

Overall I have decided not to return for the remainder of the seminar and will continue to improve on my own with reading great books, podcasts with interesting people and holding myself accountable. I didn't know Tony has a weird clap,but trust you me,i laughed my ribs out. That was really funny. Loud, blaring music is just abnoxious. My sister from out of state signed me up for the LA event next week.

I told her it wasn't my thing, but I wouldn't mind sharing time with her. I had no idea how immersive the event is. And how cultishly hyperactive it is. I've been dreading the experience for the last several weeks. I want to share time with my sister, but the though of spending a 50 hour marathon with screaming wannabes sounds like Hell Incarnate. Besides, I have a business to run and I can't really afford the four days off.

Showing up for the event is ironically hindering my ability to be successful. I think I need to suck it in and endure a few days to share the event with my sister. I'll cut my participation down to two days and actually get some work done on the other two. I'll let my sister know I'm not going to be all gung ho but be supportive of her and her experience. And just chalk it up as another life experience, however unsolicited. Do not let this bait and switch article convince you that your experience will be bad. You will get out of this and any event equal to what you put into it both emotionally an physically.

Play full out and your experience will pay out in dividends The truth is, you actually are better than the people who are still excited and affected by a Tony Robbins' seminar. I mean, not "better" in your soul necessarily, but better off, for sure. You're more advanced in your personal growth. I guess you know that though.

Perhaps you have a bit of ADD. You remind me if my brother who kept getting up during a Jim Rohn seminar years ago, all because his anxiety got the best if him. You are in the minority, although I can't say I would attend either. At least I haven't been compelled to do so yet, though I love Tony Ribbons. Best Wishes. Appreciate this insight.

Not shame in that. Doing the deep work is really important to me. Perhaps you walked out because of some issue that you were choosing to run away from. You were afraid Tony Robbins was going to waste your time. So you decided an even better waste of your time would be to go and make memes of Tony's quotes. It appears you do what Tony does on a much tinier scale.

You even made a point of trying to knock him for his promotion techniques and a feeling that he was try to sell you which im sure he was, he's quite good at it. NIce try. I would suggest being more open to new experiences. Dont value your time so highly that you'll miss out on a unique experience so that you can go home and make memes with your name on them I'm sure you want to inform me about one of your own seminars or your healthy sushi dinner I honestly see your points on some valid terms.. And if you paid more attention without bias you will notice be walked about because he read through the seminar sheet and figured his time is more valued somewhere else..

But of course as a cultic-fan that you are, you missed that point. From a neutral, I sure he wrote this article with honesty and SEO for his company in mind. Nothing wrong with self promotion as long as you speak the truth. I have never been in one of his seminars nor read a book, and although I have heard about him in the past I am aware of his events. It doesn't seem bad. Events like this are not everyone's cup of tea and not for me for sure but apparently, he is good at what he does and a lot of people have found a new meaning or a new way of doing things.

Why all the bashing?

Jealousy, perhaps? To each it's own. I don't fancy these motivational events I rather read a book on business but maybe this is not for you and that's all. Just live the way you want and let the rest do the same. You hit the nail on the head. He was so short-sighted back then and seems he hasn't learned his lessons of impatience, and continues to criticize others of what he is guilty of himself.

I have attended a lot of Tony's events then naturally. The first one I attended was in , so this is all pretty recent for me. Noah, you talk about him going deep, I wonder what it is like with UPW in the states, what I can say is in DWD events I have attended, he goes far deeper and more into change with people.

My life has changed completely and because of it I found the strength I needed to give up an addiction to crystal meth and heal my child hood trauma, see myself for the victim in life I was being and make the change. The work happened after the events, after the crowd has gone home and from my own commitment to change Then perhaps my writing here would be dramatically different. This is the dedication I aspire too and the path I am now on to get there In fact my next area's of growth are nothing to do with Tony, they are in area's such as continuing to deepen my own masculine authenticity and responsibility.

Good opinion piece. It must be remembered that we are drawn to our gurus, leaders, and inspirations because they resonate with us. If a message has found a pathway into your heart, soul, and motivational spirit, the source, if not evil, does not matter. The source is merely a reflecting pool showing us what we are primed to see.

Robbins is harmless - and in many cases, helpful.

Marc & Angel: Getting Back to Happy

Such a good response, Helaine, I applaud you for that. We're often too drawn to gurus, and we forget they're people too. I know it's impossible to custom-tailor an event for 10, people, but more specific topics would have helped. Most humans require niche, specific strategies to overcoming hurdles. I truly appreciate the adverse opinion piece.

I find it both comical and disappointing that some post thrashings of you doing your thing, while supporting your feelings with what you personally experienced. In a world where we are encouraged to be different - be our own person, that some feel the need for you to conform, stay silent, not promote on your own platform, simply reinforces the hypocrisy so prevalent today.

I also do not appreciate "fluff" pieces, as I can clap and dance and sing during my personal time. Everyone has something to offer, but not to everyone. Either an experience is your cup of tea or it's not. Either we can take it or leave it. As someone recently receiving a predictably sooner-than-later time limit on life, I for one can say, spending time and energy on something you believe does not benefit you is more likely wasted time that we all should avoid.

He claps that way so as not to emit the sound into his microphone. It looks weird to us when people don't actually clap their palms together. I cant believe anyone would criticize TR. I have been to 3 of his seminar even 1 where I had to borrow to go.


He changed my life completly. Before I was a poor waiter and I survived on tips and the goodness of people. So I would recommend the seminars to anyone even if you have to borrow money to go. Very good read! My google search that led me here was "how to get Tony Robbins cell phone number", as if it would actually be made public, though my mind is a bit off at the moment. This was thought provoked on me wanting to leave a voice mail asking one of his handlers, "do you have extra chairs for poor people"? Actually not poor, just broke right now.

Negative news is good news, right? I'm thinking Tony is looking to reinvent himself a little and what better way to just get it out there. Reading over a ton of positive things online tells me there is just a lot of BS about him being that affective vs truly getting what what you paid for by forking up k, or more. So I'm a bit torn as I was in search of some way of getting a magically free ticket to his event. Even after reading all the mixed comments, I do feel deep down this Tony Robbins guy has true grit to provide Which is something I need right now, though I spent the last 2k actually 5k on my wife's medical bills, suicide seems like too much work Anyway, good read, just not sure of the underlying purpose as I see multiple views playing out here, all of which I feel the writer knew would take place regardless - Side note: if anyone has an extra ticket on the next event he has, I'll do dishes, though my background is in mortgages:.

He wrote an email to the company explaining how much he appreciated Tony's book. The company started an email chain with him that eventually made it to TR himself. TR sent my son a recorded voice message encouraging him and offering him 2 free tickets to UPW. If you don't get the same results, we're friends with one of his top security guys who can get discounted tickets. Be encouraged.

I'm not a T. I also felt like you were pushing your own agenda while riding on Tony's fame. Thank you, I thought I was dead inside for not jumping up and down to the mantra of the so captivating self made therapist. Reading your reviews has really helped me a lot. My son in law and my daughter has an obsession with TR and they think he is a God. They sold their property to join this cult paying 75k each and much more to this con man. He was fired from work and has been trying to become rich just by attending TR seminars travelling all over the world.

It is really painful for me to see what will be the future of my grand children aged 4 and 5. They both have been so brainwashed that they think everyone who does not worship TR is negative. I personally would like to thank you for writing the truth which proves to me that I am not insane the way they make me believe. Hi there, I can assure you that your kids are in good company with the Platinum members. It must deeply disappoint your kids to not have your support. As a mother of a young adult I completely simpathise with your fear.

If my daughter came home anouncing she sold her house and signed up with the guy on YouTube I would absolutely loose my mind!! For the sake of your kids, their success, and your relationship, I ask you as a fellow parent and Platinum member to please support them. At minimum by respecting the path they've chosen. I suspect they will amaze you with what they'll accomplish in a few years.

You won't manage to change their mind, so perhaps you can stay involved and have influence by allowing them to share their journey. Good on you for walking out, and good on you for posting your experience. I have a twin sister who did his seminar and felt very similarly to you. I did the insight programs instead which apparently were seminars that Anthony Robbins ripped off. This article is totally a Newsjacking lol. Great job! What Newsjacking means? You injected your development notes for download asking for an email and that is a subscription.

Also you injected links for your app, and other two events where you are making a commission because is a referral link. Now, besides the newsjacking tactic you are doing I really don't see you growing strong in your life purpose when you are using a negative news against a person in order to gain traffic and then clicks to your sales funnels.

Try again UPW and go without your significance pattern which will take you nowhere and you know you are lost. The whole time I was reading this article I kept thinking that this guy is pushing his own agenda and trying to sell me things. I am not a TR fan but those are my observations as well. Totally manipulative. But transparently so, so not too intelligent.

You have lost my support or respect through trashing another professional.. I watched some of your video about YOUR presentation and quite frankly found it boring and lacking charisma, it just fell flat and you could tell that from the audience too Taking my business elsewhere. You show little integrity. A man that sticks up for what he believes and isn't afraid to talk about it. I shall call you sir, for you are a real man. It's a shame you feel you need to post negatively about someone who's only every been a force for good in his life and clearly has a drive to help.

Also someone you claim to be one of your 'customers'. If you had more faith in your business you wouldn't need to bad mouth someone else's hard work and you should treat your customers with more respect. It's never cool to try and trash someones business or hard work. He's clearly not attempting to trash anything, he's speaking honestly about an experience he's had and why it was negative.

Great article Noah! I very rarely hear people willing to call Tony Robbins on his lack of substance in material and his dominating self-aggrandisement. I have heard his story and think it is remarkable, as is his success. He has good points, but quite frankly nothing particularly unique. What I don't appreciate is when I see clips of his seminars where he is talking over people, constantly self-promoting it actually looks like he's insecure and needs to remind everyone exactly who he is. No humility. I am a communications specialist, so have done everything from Deepak Chopra, to Landmark, to The Artists Way and give my clients Brene Brown material all the time.

I love self-development like you. But it can't be bullshit level, it's gotta go deep and hit the real conversations. Not quick fixes and Memes. Unlike you, I have not read tons of Tony Robbins - I bought one book once. I couldn't read it through, too superficial. Well done for having the courage to write this article, especially since he is a customer! You might get the feeling there has to be a better way. Do your own research and find the truth of just how "life changing" these events are. Amend yo ypur comments. I attended a seminar of the same name.

What gets me is the no. Of times he filed bankruptcy and the no. Of divorces!!!! One would think he had a better handle on his own life!!!! I like Tony, I think he does add value and broaden perception. Please note, I have never attended a seminar of his, but as a practitioner of meditation for many years, this is the observation that comes to mind.

Sure, he is a lot of hype, but he does need to get the crowd engaged. I feel that, however, that his methods may be somewhat shallow and wear of in the long run. Hi sis honest in saying that you need to do the work, but it is my experience that humans tend to regress over time if they do not have a vision, and the instruments to evolve.

I cannot say if it is worth going to a TR seminar or not, but I doo feel that one cannot change their physical-mental state for good without feeding their spiritual not religion component. I attended a Tony Robbins seminar today and I walked out before it was finished as well.

I found there was too much hype and not enough content. I came to get content, not all the noise and hype which gave me nothing except ringing in my ears. I understand that people need to get out of their chairs once in a while, but this was ridiculous. Also it was cold in the room all day apparently Tony had told staff he wanted it cold, and so doors were left open that invited some of our Alberta winter inside. I was up at 6 am and the sessions started at 8 am and by 10 am I was uncomfortably cold even tho I was wearing a warm top, a sweater, a winter jacket and gloves.

Being uncomfortably cold takes away your focus on the speaker. There were others speakers before Tony came on, and at the end of each of their sessions, they wanted you to buy their program "at a special reduced price". I started resenting this - it felt more like a sales pitch than a seminar.

I left about half way through Tony's session as I couldnt take anymore of the hype. Tony has so much information to offer, he doesn't need to resort to hype. I went to see Tony at one of the NLC events. I really wanted to see Eric Worre as well as Tony, but Eric was a no show. I was glad that I bought a Bronze ticket. I also walked out an hour and half before the end. I have been listening to Tony since the s. A lot of his stuff hasn't changed. I also was tired of being yelled at. I also felt empowered. I'm so sorry that you wanted your own success bad enough that you were willing to piggy back on someone with a much bigger name in a negative way that discourages others to take steps to improve their lives.

I'll bet you got alot of views but I hope people recognize your method to hurt some so you can help others for your own gain. How would you feel if you changed your approach that helps everyone you influence without hurting anyone? Good luck! Take a good look in the mirror, smile and accept yourself at the present moment. Then ask yourself what is is you want to do for yourself and try.

There is no magic guru except the one residing in your own body. The gift you are seeking is right there waiting for you to discover. I liked this article because the writer ultimately came back to trusting his own instincts. Plenty of smart people have great information to share without burdening another with a high price tag.

Check the local library out for tons of information about anything. If you want to learn how to knit, learn. If you want to learn how to invest, learn.

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Nike has a great meme. Just do it. I have a sister who has massive social anxiety and Tony Robbins changed my life into being a top personal trainer in my city. I would do anything to have her, go through that experience of a seminar. And it makes me so sad you would even write this. God Bless. Hi David B. People or authors like him who write personal reviews provide consumers additional information to make better decisions. His research and personal testimony was informative, comical and entertaining.