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Who looks inside, awakens. Look for the burning candle that symbolizes something illumniated for greater understanding. You will find these throughout the website. Look for the parchment scrolls and click on them. They are portals to a page with deeper meaning. Check them out. Hint: you might need a little "magic", or "alchemy" to find them. Remember that to be meaningful, these symbols need to resonate for you and should not be taken verbatim.

These are symbols that appear frequently in my dreams and are not by any means all the possible symbols available to the dreamer. Dream Books have been around for centuries e. Earlier versions of dream books tended to reflect a folk etymology such as with earlier Summerians and Jews if one dreamed of an Olive tree the interpretation would depend on whether the fruit was still on the tree "you will advance in the world" , or after the olives had been harvested "you will be beaten down.

All see dreams as communiques from God. For example, in Islam there is a quote, "Dreams of the prophets are divine inspirations. Depending on the sect of each religion the interpretation of dreams is either encouraged or discouraged. There are sections of the Bible that discourage dream interpretation, considering it a vanity to do so Ecclesiastes, Ch. Of course dream symbols are strongly affected by culture and subculture that includes religion and regional meanings.

It is beyond the scope of this web to list all the possible meanings for many of the symbols included here, but feel free to add your own if these don't seem to fit. There are, however, several archetypal dream images that all cultures seem to share by virtue of our common humanity. For an overview of these shared dream images you might want to jump to the following page, "Dream Symbol Archetypes". A clue to dream meaning: The first part of dealing with a dream's meaning after having written it down is to separate out the various images and symbols and then look for themes and connections between these images.

Go to the page labeled " How to interpret " for more clues. For many of these symbols I've not designated whether it's the dreamer or another person displaying the action, or feeling. This is because all dreams relate to you, the dreamer, either in that the symbols describe some part of you or your relationship with others, but you are the central character in all cases. Because I have for many years enjoyed exploring Celtic, Australian Aboriginal, and Native American symbolism, I have used some within the context of other more general symbols.

This is, of course an incomplete list, but will give you a flavor of what awaits you in The Dragon's Treasure. Over the years I have been collecting a number of dream images from the dreams shared by thousands of people as well as those from my own dreams. Over the past year I have been compiling and elaborating on these images in preparation for publishing a codex that should prove useful to any dreamer who wishes to decode the inner world of their dreams. To dream that you are abandoned, suggests that it may be time to leave behind past feelings and characteristics that are hindering your growth.

Let go of your old attitudes. A more direct and literal interpretation of this dream may be that you have a fear of being deserted, abandoned, or even betrayed. It may stem from a recent loss or a fear of losing a loved one. The fear of abandonment may manifest itself into your dream as part of the healing process and dealing with losing a loved one. It may also stem from unresolved feelings or problems from childhood. Alternatively, the dream may indicate that you are feeling neglected or that your feelings are being overlooked.

Perhaps the dream is a metaphor that you need to approach life with "reckless abandon" and live more freely. Some mystics have suggested that one needs to abandon their attachments to things, beliefs and ideas in order to see their true self; in order to see reality as it really is. If in ruins, then feelings of hopelessness see church. When you abduct another, it could be your desire to control them. Perhaps you need to let go of something a feeling, relationship, grudge, something from the past? Do you need to be more in touch with your intuitive self? Perhaps you're blocking your own growth and development?

If someone else in the dream is having an abortion, then perhaps the relationship isn't growing. Could you be feeling inferior to something or someone? If verbally abused in the dream are you feeling victimized? If it's a child, is your own inner child being suppressed? If you fear it or are about to fall into it, it might be the fear of losing control or failure or death. It can also represent the unconscious mind, or where the shadows of your personality lay.

This is most likely not a harbinger of doom as in a precognizant dream. Where might you be avoiding change? Where is your growth and development most intense? Young: immaturity or part of you that is opening up. Middle age: maturity or where do you want to go now? And old age: wisdom. There are archetypes of the old man, old woman, and the child that give meaning to age as well. See archetypes. Quick change. What kind of change are you in a hurry for? To add further meaning, note whether you are just boarding the plane, which might indicate the desire for change as opposed to being on the plane as being in the process of change.

Note feelings here because they will tell you something about what is going on with you regarding the meaning. A crashing plane might indicate your concern about failure. It could also be a departure point for something new. Sometimes it may be speaking to some potential in you you add the judgment of whether the potential is good or bad.

What part of you is isolated? There is an emergency quality to this symbol, especially if combined with an injury. It may also be asking you to pay attention to some illness you are experiencing in your waking life. What needs protecting? Sometimes it may be about your desire for guidance or compassion. The angel can be a guide to higher consciousness or an epiphany. It can be the symbol for self-realization.

The angel can be a messenger, as was Gabriel who foretold the coming of Jesus and gave Mohammed the Qur'an. Angles gave most prophets their responsibilities. Angels can also symbolize the arbiter between your ego-self and your true nature. Sometimes in your waking life, you may have the belief that it is not appropriate or safe to express anger. In dreams, you should allow its expression.

This can help make it possible for you to be more assertive in your waking life. It can also provide relief for pent-up feelings. Jung looked at people as though they had two distinctly different spirits; Spirit of the Times that which you live in culturally and sub-culturally and the Spirit of the Depths the soul, or essence of who you are. Both the sleeping dream and the waking dream present emotional data that speaks to an imbalance in one's life.

For example: it is often said that anger that has not been transcended and dealt with appropriately in one's waking life can become turned inward and create a feeling of depression. And sometimes this feeling of depression is a call from the Spirit of the Depths that one is becoming too dependent on the Spirit of the Times. One may need to trust more in the quietness of their soul than the sound and fury of the outer world. Animals in general can be speaking to your drives and feelings about events and people with the usual social controls lifted.

I have had dreams with animals nurturing their young and have interpreted this to mean something about my parenting role or relationship with my children. Native Americans assigned Totem Spirits to a variety of animals with the nature of the animal representing the nature of the spirit. These totems would watch out over a person or group of people such as a family or tribe, sometimes for generations.

Some people think that totems and spirit guides and witches familiars are very similar in nature. Basically, animals in dreams represent our instinctual feelings. This extends to the waking life as well in that some therapists have a dog in the therapy room and watch the dog's reaction to the patient entering the room, or during a session, in order to get clues as to the patient's emotional state. Who or what else is in the dream may give some clue as to who or what is attacking.

Also represent the devious or hidden emotions or memories that can attack without warning. I have experienced it as a metaphor for how I have been behaving. Some, like the Australian aborigines see it as the spirit of death. Its black color often is seen as suggesting evil, the unknown, or the unconscious. Reclusive or something to do with hibernating or withdrawing, or being solitary. When it is threatening, it could be a fear or a hurt or even a person that is causing us pain.

Sometimes beasts cause nightmares and we awaken. In this case, the fear may be so great that we cannot face it. If the nightmares are recurring, you might want to seek professional help in confronting what is hidden but perhaps wants to be known through the dream. It can also represent your imagination, such as a "flight of fancy. A dead bird can be like a threat to freedom or your ideals while an attacking birds can be a threat to your opinions from others or from yourself.

In Celtic mythology, birds could be an omen and either the message or the messenger. In a Celtic legend, the goddess Deirdre dreams of the three great birds. They arrived bearing honey and left with blood, symbolizing treachery on the part of King Conchobar. In the Christian tradition, and especially through the early Christian Celts, the bird was seen as symbolizing the Holy Spirit. The natives of the North American Pacific Coast, saw the Raven as a hero, messenger, thief, and trickster and creator of the world there's an Inuit story about how Raven brought the light into the world of darkness.

The Raven is a symbol for solitude and an attribute of many saints whom the Ravens fed in the wilderness, i. Anthony Abbot, St. Paul the Hermit, and St. God sent ravens to feed Elijah the Tishbite by the brook Cherith during a long drought 1 Ki ; Lev ; Deu And the Rraven has long been a symbol of divine providence Psa ; Job ; 1st Kings Though many may remember the Lord's command to consider the sparrow and the lilies, but the words, "Consider the Ravens, for they neither sow nor reap, which have neither storehouse nor barn; and God feeds them," are seldom revealed Lk In the Song of Solomon, the Beloved's locks are "black as a raven" Song It is still used as a symbol in modern magic, witchcraft, and mystery.

In alchemy, it represents change and the advanced soul dying to this world. It is also considered the symbol of intuition. The symbolic Crow is associated with the sun, longevity, beginnings, endings, change, bad luck, prophecy, Christian solitude, and death. As with the Raven it also is considered a messenger of the gods.

Among ancient Greeks and Romans there were some who considered the Crow a bad omen and the raven a good one. In the telling of myths and legends, the crow frequently took the place of the raven. The Irish war-goddess, Badb, often took on the shape of a crow. In classical mythology, this bird is an attribute of Cronus or Saturn and Athena, the goddess of wisdom, victory, and the arts. Finally, the Crow is associated with motherly love and spiritual strength. It was believed that fairies turned into crows in order to cause trouble.

In heraldry, a Crow was used to indicate a dark person such as a Moor or a Saracen. In Egypt, two Crows, like two Doves, were the sign of monogamy. Among the Celts, the white Crow was the emblem of the heroine, Branwen. Her heroic brother, Bran, was pictured as a raven. Early Christians gave a more sinister look to white Ravens, suggesting that God turned them black because they were selfish. For another look at the symbolism of birds go to the Sept 20, Dream Dragon blog entry. This can also present itself as a Minotaur, the mythological character with the head of a bull and the body of a man.

Within the beast may be deep unconscious hurts that may be driving you to lash out at others. This creature can also represent someone you're dealing with in your life who has a scary beast-like nature. Where the Minotaur is and what he's doing will give you some idea. If it is in a labyrinth where he would have been found in Greek myth he might be symbolic of the fears you're experiencing in a life which seems to have never-ending twists and turns that aren't getting you anywhere and you feel lost and threatened. Theseus and the Minotaur mosaic click pic to enlarge.

The trickster is one of the human archetypes as well see archetypes. Sometimes representing the soul. The Celts saw them as protection animals, guardians and animals of the hunt. Winston Churchill called his depression "The Black Dog. When riding it it can symbolize humility or a feeling of being less than. Perhaps you need to act less arrogant and get off your high horse? Visions of animals imparting hidden knowledge has been around for some time.

Remember the story of the donkey in the old testament where the prophet Balaam ignored his donkey who thrice darted off the road because it sensed a danger that Balaam could not Numbers NIV? The instinct of the donkey opened its eyes to what stood in the road and its actions eventually helped to open the eyes of Balaam.

Trust your inner animal as a guide. In medieval europe people who secured a coat of arms from the king often used animals to represent qualities in themselves, the dragon represented a brave defender and protector. In the east a dragon motif on a family banner meant good luck and fortune.

If breathing fire, do you use your anger or aggression to get your own way? However, if the Dragon is a spiritual creature for you then it may be symbolic of that which protects your soul and may even represent the nature of that soul. When morphing into a dragon or any animal one might be aware of their transformation into something new.

A " paper dragon " can mean a false power. In the Chinese tradition Dragons bring wisdom note the pearl of wisdom being offered by many Chinese Dragons. Click on scroll for more on dragons. That which we are not willing to face, as in "the elephant in the room. In a religious context it could also represent Christianity.

Jesus was also considered a "fisher of men". If you believe in the Zodiac you might look up some of the attributes of Pisces. The lion can also represent one's father or God. In the Celtic tradition, it was seen in warrior gatherings, and in the Christian tradition the Celts used it to represent St. Mark and power and royal dignity. Lions can also represent the emotion of pride. Powerful, strong. His story can represent similar waking life allegory for the dreamer. This is true for all cultural images. Gluttonous, greedy. The Celts associated the rabbit with magic and to do something considered impossible as in to "pull a rabbit out of the hat.

In the Celtic tradition, the snake's ability to shed its skin made it a symbol of rebirth. They could also stand for fertility due their large number of progeny. The Celts also used them to represent the creation process, and of course, they figure in the Biblical creation story as well. They are often seen in the ancient Celtic traditions as strongly associated with the healing cults.

Note the Caduseus or the Rod of Asclepius, both of which represent the healing arts. Ouroboros, a snake biting its own tail thus forming a ring, can be seen as symbolizing something circular or cycling and self-contained. In Arnhem Land in Northern Australia, the Aborigine tell of rainbow snakes or serpents that are the personification of fertility and rain.

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There is Yingara, the mother serpent and creator of all beings, and Ngalyod, the father serpent who transformed the land. These serpents guard the water holes and underground aquifers. In Africa, the Tonga, and Mashona people worship Nyaminyami, who is the serpent river god of the Zambezi who protects the waters of the river. His symbol is worn to protect against the forces of darkness and to attract wealth. Throughout the world, the serpent is often linked to protection and guardianship. In the Aztec and Mayan Mesoamerican cultures, the snake god quetzacoatl and kukulcan the feathered serpent respectively were gods of the priesthood and protectors of and communicators with the underworld.

The concept of the cosmic serpent shows up across all cultures and is found in the air, in the water, and on the land, binding all the earth and its creatures together. Conflicts that you may feel caught in and any emotions that you may not want to get caught up in or deal with. Perhaps something is "bugging" you. A mother figure may be dominating you. The deep unconscious, or the ugly part of ourselves. The wolf can be the wildness in ourselves. In my dreams, he is always white, indicating clarity or purity. The wolf is a loyal guardian in my dreams and is usually depicted in its alpha or lead wolf form.

Some would say that the wolf is my spirit animal. In some Native American tribes, the wolf is the "teacher" animal that teaches us about our inner nature and our intuitive sense and to listen to the still, small voice within. He perceived it as something in the psyche not personally created, but more a genetic bequeathment as in something from the collective unconscious. To see extended Archetypes pages, click here. Where do you hope for a resolution? If arguing in a dream between you and another person it could also represent an internal conflict. Are you gathering your forces? Defensiveness, or aggressiveness, or your disciplined nature, or need for discipline.

In some cases this image could be symbolic for control and domination. What part of you is ready to be expressed? What is finished for you? High performance. Your competative nature, who are you competing with? Feeling attacked with your own basal impulses, e. Attacked by one's beliefs or point of view. Could also be a self-attack e.

A biting dog, or snake can also symbolize this. What's in the attic? What do you feel while in there? Was the door locked or open? Are you ready to make something public? Trying to figure something out. The triggering of some barely controlled feelings. What is being born in you? New beginnings, new development,or something being developed. It can also represent feelings such as joy, curiosity, innocent love, vulnerability, and dependence. When pushed or pushing back, it could mean being restrained or fighting back. The back of your body could represent the unconscious.

What is happening that you cannot see? Is there something "happening behind your back"? As a handbag, it might mean something to do with your identity, just as with a wallet. Covering up an emotional wound. What are you afraid to give up? What can you count on? What do you want to keep safe? Banks may also have current day meaning based upon certain behavioral aspects of banks in the current environment that contribute to financial meltdown e.

These meanings are situationally specific and tend to wax and wane over time. If you were to suffer loss from a bank, the meaning for this image could then reflect that. If you don't trust banks then it could present that lack of trust. Banks are also places where we store things of value e. Similar to a cave.

The instinctual you. What do you want to wash away? What are you ready to let go of? Are you at war with something, someone, or with yourself? Your judgments about alcohol could also color the meaning of this image. These may represent huge changes in your life and the death of old ways. Birth dreams for expectant mothers may be chronicling changes going on in them physically, psychologically, and emotionally. This may be true for their husbands as well as many men seem to have sympathetic physical experiences and frequently have their own issues regarding parenthood and the changes that their wives are going through.

What are you blaming someone else for? Are you feeling guilty or feeling a failure? Are you feeling blamed? Not looking at some aspect of self or other, concealing something from yourself or others. Ostentation, wanting to stand out or perhaps you should demure a little. To lose blood is to lose energy and aliveness. Losing blood can also be a symbol for depression. The movement across deep emotions. The emotions that you are navigating. Note the roughness of the seas and the condition of the boat, for this may give you an indication of how you are doing on your journey at the moment.

Missing a boat might be just a play on words for a missed opportunity.

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A sinking boat could be a sense of loss, or failure. This can be another symbol for depression see blood. Different body parts have different meanings: see more detail below. Something that you can't "stomach"? If swollen or pregnant then perhaps some new project is in the works. Or what are you holding on to? What you can't see, what's behind you this can be a metaphor for the past as well. Burying a bone could refer to the hiding of something. Are you being an ass? Do you need forgiveness?

What are you ready to listen to? If injured, what are you not hearing, or are not ready to hear? This quote reminds me of a time when just after sunset I left work and headed down the hill to the parking lot. I had been worrying all day how I was going to deal with some very upsetting events when I passed a young man and happened to catch his eye.

His eyes shown like stars and I had the distinct impression that I was looking at myself through his eyes! I was really taken aback and was going to say something when I noticed the eyes of people in cars passing by. They all shown with that same light! It was as though God were looking at me through their eyes.

I began to tear when I realized that every one of us where looking at each other through God's eyes. Try you looking and the whole universe seeing. Eyes were often painted on things to ward off the " evil eye ". An exaggerated apotropaic eye was painted on Greek drinking vessels in the 6th century BC to ward off evil spirits while drinking. Fishing boats in some parts of the Mediterranean region still have stylized eyes painted on the bows.

A Turkish budget airline has adopted the symbol known as Nazar bonjuk as a motif for the tailfin of its airplanes. To see your own eyes in your dream might represent enlightenment, knowledge, comprehension, understanding, or intellectual awareness. Unconscious thoughts may be coming onto the surface. According to the ancient Egyptians the left eye was symbolic of the moon, while the right eye represents the sun See the Eye of Horus. It could also be a pun on "I" or the self. If you dream that your eyes have turned inward so that you see the inside of your head, then it might symbolize insight and something that you need to be aware of.

This dream may be literally telling you that you need to look within yourself. Trust your intuition and instincts. If you dream of having something in your eye and you believe in the biblical admonition, ""Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? To dream that you have one eye, indicates your refusal to accept another viewpoint. It suggests that you may be one-sided in your way of thinking. Perhaps you are seeing what others cannot.

Or perhaps you should start looking within yourself and trust your instincts. Click to enlarge. The Horus eye symbol is worn for protection and to ward off evil spirits. The third eye of the Chakra that which leads to the inner realms of higher consciousness. It is the symbol of enlightenment in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

If you're hiding it, you may feel shame or guilt. Other emotions can be read from the face as well. If your face has been injured you may be suffering some public injury or an attack on your reputation. Someone with two faces could mean that either you or some else are being untrustworthy and pretending to be what they are not.

If damaged or cut off it can suggest some anxiety about your ability to accomplish some task. Are you losing your grip? Loss of your feet may have something to do with a loss of independence or mobility. To see dirty feet could be a self-image issue regarding some behavior. In India the feet are the holiest part of the body. The cutting of any hair could have something to do with change.

Dark hair may reflect dark thoughts whereas red hair may reflect incendiary, destructive, or flamboyant thoughts. White hair or beard could mean wisdom or experience. It can mean what you are ready to handle, whereas dirty hands can mean an unclean activity, the doing of some dirty work.

To soil one's hands are to do something that you are not proud of. Celtic head cults thought that to own the head of someone was to inherit its abilities and essence to ward off evil. Any damage to the heart may indicate having been hurt or even something physical that should be investigated. Confidence and independence as in "standing on one's own legs.

The throat is quite vulnerable. Wisdom, getting involved in something that may be none of your business nosey. Actually awakening while still in REM sleep and unable to move. Sometimes the body hasn't yet overcome the motor paralysis that is natural for the body so that you don't act out your dreams. Frequently psychologists use Projective Tests such as " The House, Tree, Person" or the " Draw-a-Person" where a child draws certain standard objects and unconsciously "projects" their emotional patterns into the drawing. These projections, generally speaking, come from the same place as Dream Material.

An effective reading of dreams can enhance the material gained by the use of the more formalized Projective Tests. An atom bomb is just more so in that the situation may be devastating. Attitudes toward learning. Type of book will give more information e. To contain something, a way of keeping something safe or making sure something doesn't get out, such as an emotion or a secret.

Opening it can be about you revealing some part of yourself see gift. Perhaps you're not getting acknowledged enough or you're trying to get too much acknowledgment? To take in something or to "breathe a sigh of relief. The connection between you and someone or something else. When building a bridge, you may be trying to find a way to deal with something or someone. Something dead and gone, or not visible to the every day. It can also refer to your giving up responsibility for the direction your life is going.

At a bus stop could be a metaphor for waiting for something to happen in your life, rather than taking charge of it however, if this is your only form of transportation then "the shared journey" aspect may be more appropriate. It can also mean a "flighty" personality vs. Or do you just need help to get where you want to go? Do you want to simplify and enjoy the simpler things in life? What's in the cabinet can help with the interpretation. Is someone trying to stick it to you?

Are you acting too self-protective by being prickly? It could also symbolize that something inside you is dead or is dying. This may be a symbol of your ambition s in life. Choice of things that can nurture you. Perhaps you're feeling powerless or inhibited. You might be caught in some relationship.

What feelings are imprisoning you? Perhaps resentment or anger. Maybe you need to share more? Maybe you're not getting your fair share? Some peoples lives seem to be run, or controlled, by the calendar. Often associated with the desert so it could symbolize lonliness, or barreness, or burdensomeness, in life. How does this look to you? It may also be similar to the eye in that it can represent point-of-view. Something that may be eating away your self-confidence. A loss of personal control. The flame of the candle can represent life itself.

Is the flame sputtering, has it gone out may indicate depression or impending failure? Has the candle melted down impending change or a softening of a position? A brightly burning candle may represent passion. For some Christians it can represent a prayer. Graduating from one stage and moving on to the next stage. You may also be a powerful influence on something or someone. Are you trapped in your own denial of something? Held captive by your own beliefs, prejudice or ignorance? If someone else is driving, then they may be driving the direction of your life.

A crashed car may indicate failure or self-destructive, or reckless, behavior if you are driving the car. Looking in the mirror could mean what you are seeing that you left behind. Running out of fuel could indicate weakening motivation. With your headlights off, you may lack awareness of what is happening in your life. A parked car might suggest that you need to turn your energies elsewhere or to put your life in drive and get on with it whatever "it" is.

The type of car can also aid in the interpretation e. Taking a chance or a risk on something or someone. What do you hope to win? Going nowhere in life or in some job or relationship. A fear regarding your sexual drive, or rejection especially by the opposite sex. See cat in the animal section. Has also been interpreted as female sexuality. An entrance to the unconscious mind. What is it inside you that you want to explore? Also see telephone below. Note any emotions associated with the dream cemetery. During Halloween it can be seen as the place where the dead and the living can come together.

What connects you with others. Does the same problem keep coming up again and again? Are you being bullied? If chasing; what are you pursuing? Something that is not right or a betrayal of trust. It can also refer to a sense of abandonment, or not being attended to. Sometimes when there isn't enough romance in a relationship this image can show up. This may also be about your feelings or thoughts about your childhood and family relationships.

In many myths and religions it is a child that reunites Heaven and Earth Man and God. There seems to be an universal urge to seek paradise either in the form of spiritual growth and transformation or as in the case of Shambhala, a physical world of perfection. To see either a child or heaven or paradise in a dream can suggest a seeking for innocence, or perfection of the spirit, or perfect happiness. You may also be trying to escape the difficulties that you're experiencing in life. Christ: A powerful dream symbol not necessarily connected with the historical Jesus. It is a powerful influence on one's personality.

It can also represent one's universal connection see archetypes. What is holy in your life? Also see synagogue below. Coming full circle. A mandala see mandala that might represent the soul or your inner self, positive change or inner peace. Concentric circles might represent layers of your inner self or of your own complexities or the complexity of some project, situation, or relationship see onion. One's sense of community.

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If lost, you may be uncertain about your place in society or lost your direction or purpose see ruins. It can also be a challenge to aspire. Sometimes the standing at the edge of a cliff is to face your fears. What are you trying to get to or escape from? A sense of urgency or plenty of time could be interpreted through clocks or watches. The ticking of a clock could represent your life passing by or the beat of your heart. A stopped clock may indicate the death of something or if it is racing, a sense of urgency. It can also be about the restrictions we place on ourselves i.

It is our identity and our self-image. What we put on to the rest of the world see face. It is also what we put on to hide our real selves as well as a cover up or a symbol for hiding something. To put someone into a coffin might suggest that you want to get them out of your life. There is a feeling of neglect in this symbol, as in "being left out in the cold. The vitality of something or of the self.

eye of the eagle wisdom from the ancients shamanic dreams series volume 1 Manual

Color Chart. Something of great worth. Sometimes symbolizes the soul. Can also be an aggressive color as with anger. Understated confidence. Color meanings are a bit iffy. You should be especially careful to interpret their meanings based on the resonance and meaning for you. Color interpretation is also cultural in nature. The above meanings are western in nature. The Theosophist, C. Leadbetter also created a chart in his book, Man Visible and Invisible that doesn't seem to follow any of the current cultural or western definitions.

A similar color chart was used to interpret Auras, or what the Theosophist's Annie Besant and Leadbetter described as "Thought forms" believing that thoughts are things, radiating vibrations and floating forms. These ideas were presented in their treatise, Thought Forms Though in all fairness their definitions were slanted toward his understanding of the spirit world and the concept of auras. My symbol interpretations tend to be somewhat more prosaic. Note that the musical scale is an ascending chromatic scale where the frequencies range from low to high on both the visual and auditory scale.

The zodiac symbols don't follow a consistent pattern, however, in that there are many zodiac color wheels with all being different. This attempt to coordinate color and sound to affect an emotional state is nothing new, both Isaac Newton and Pythagoras created their own scale. There is a story that Pythagoras noted a young man bringing hot coals to the door of his lover's house so as to burn it down as retribution of her having scorned him.

A man playing a flute nearby was playing an energetic little song that seemed to be spurring the young man on. When Pythagoras asked the flutist to play another song that was much more soothing, the young man seemed to come to his senses and removed the coals. It is highly probable that the Greek initiates gained their knowledge of the philosophic and therapeutic aspects of music from the Egyptians. Pythagoras realized the emotional and therapeutic aspects of both music and color. Also see "music" below.

It is also a messenger and an awakening or something just passing through. Where are your decisions and choices leading you? As yourself, you might be thinking about controlling your behaviors. There is a loss of control element herewith, perhaps an aspect of falling apart or going out of control. The cross has four points symbolizing the four cardinal directions, the four seasons, the four winds, the four archangels, and the four gospels.

This symbolism is also seen in the Native American medicine wheel. In Christian tradition, the cross can mean resurrection as it does with the Egyptian Ankh. The noble side of yourself.

Eagle's Gift

Your inner authority. A high achievement a 'crowning achievement. Sometimes if held back during the day, the dream can act as a pressure release. This can be a cleansing or healing. A place of hidden forces and perhaps a connection with the unconscious. Things feelings or thoughts "buried. A sense of weakness or being incapacitated. A cup, cauldron or the Holy Grail is a ritual object of feminine gender. Bran's life-restoring cauldron and the Grail. In physical essence the cup in ritual is often crescent shaped. There are many symbolic references to the feminine, the Holy Grael being one of them.

Though descriptions of the Last Supper of Jesus speak of a cup in which Jesus poured wine and offered it as his own blood and that they should drink it in remembrance, the famous painting by Leonardo DaVinci shows no cup on the table, only a plate, or dish. Was the plate, or dish the original Grael? Whether a dish or cup, both might represent the feminine aspect of nourishment. It has a life restoring quality to it. The cauldron is the symbol for the goddess. To see a cauldron in your dream, may imply that you are undergoing some transformation, It could also indicate destiny or some magical, spiritual force.

Consider the symbolism of what is in the cauldron and its importance. To see a cup in your dream, might also represent love, nurturance and the womb. The cup may also signify healing, rejuvenation, and healing. Alternatively, it could indicate transcendence into a realm of higher consciousness. Is the cup half-full or half-empty? Do you see life from an optimistic or pessimistic point of view. To see a cup with a broken handle, suggests your feelings of inadequacy and anxieties of being unable to handle a particular situation.

Perhaps you feel unqualified or inadequate in dealing with a situation. If the cup is a chalice, it could represent your need for spiritual nourishment. You are on a search, or quest, for your individual self and for a more meaningful existence. Can also represent a penis. In harmony with the world and ourselves.

One's dance with life. What is hidden to you? Dealing with grief of the death a loved one or your own future death and its inevitability. What has ended in your life? Death, suicide and murder could all fit under this symbol. Suicide and murder in a dream can symbolize the need for a conscious choice on the dreamer's part to make a change in their lives, their perceptions, reactions, and circumstances. It's the "active" ending of something. It is the symbol for actively overcoming something. Caution: Some Dream Analysts claim that thoughts of suicide in the waking state are symbolically similar to the sleeping state and can be analyzed in a similar manner.

These gestures, or "parasuicides" can, however, lead to accidental death or physical harm. A shocking statistic is that nearly half of all suicides began with suicidal gestures. Anyone spending too much time thinking about death should consider consulting a counselor, or should be referred to a counselor. There's also the section Death and Resurrection on this website. If on you then perhaps you are feeling "shit on" or feeling you're not worth a 'shit' i. A feeling of being or having said something dirty, negative or undisirable.

If you're trying to defacate and can't perhaps you are having difficulty letting go of something or perhaps you are too controlling. To find a bathroom covered in feces might suggest that there are some messy feelings that may need to be cleaned up. If it's a public toilet then perhaps you are worried how something may be looking to others see urinate.

It can also mean a loss of status or importance. Something hidden that needs to be revealed, some problem to be solved. Are you being too all knowing? How about the pun: "Do you dig it? If chased by one, are you feeling as if you're no longer needed? A recognition for something done, or done well. Lost your power or direction in life?

What part of your body is disabled see body? These people could also represent aspects of yourself that you have ignored and that are disappearing. If you're disappearing, are you being ignored, or overlooked? Thwarted intentions, or expectations. Emotional or spiritual healing. Something needs patching up. With a large lock, it may indicate defensiveness or some hostility.

Locking could also be about your feelings of self-worth what are you hiding? Anglo-Israelism: See British Israelism. Animal Magnetism: See Mesmerism. Animism: The idea that all things in the universe are inherently invested with a life force, soul, or mind. This belief is an important component of many primitive religions, the occult , and spiritism.

Annihilationism: Taught by most Adventist groups, including the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society , this doctrine denies the conscious, eternal punishment of the lost. Instead, humans who do not receive eternal life will be destroyed and cease to exist. Anointed Class: See Little Flock.

Anthropomancy: A form of divination based on psychic readings of the entrails of a human who has been ritualistically sacrificed. Apocalypse: Also called Armageddon. From the Greek word apokalypsis, meaning "revelation, disclosure, or unveiling," the term apocalypse refers in the Bible to the summation of human history through God's direct judgment upon the world. Central in biblical apocalyptic literature is the Revelation to John sometimes called The Apocalypse. A common feature of many pseudo-Christian groups is their attempts to predict the date of the apocalypse.

Apostasy: From the Greek word apostasis, meaning "rebellion," and the Latin word apostasia, meaning "abandonment," the term apostasy refers to a renunciation of the Christian faith. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society applies the label apostate to former Jehovah's Witnesses, who are then shunned by all Witnesses in good standing. Apostle: From the Greek word apostolos, meaning "messenger," the term apostle refers to those leaders of the early Christian church who were chosen by Jesus.

The criteria for being an apostle was 1 the individual was personally chosen by Christ; and 2 the individual must have personally seen Christ. Members of the top two quorums of leadership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints claim the title today. Apostolic Churches: A branch of Pentecostalism including several denominations as well as independent churches with the name "Apostolic"; many but not all Apostolic churches adhere to Oneness Pentecostalism.

Apostolic Overcoming Holiness of God, Inc. Salvation depends upon baptism, tarrying to receive the Holy Spirit, and holiness. Publishes The People's Mouthpiece magazine. Applewhite, Marshall: See Heaven's Gate. Applied Kinesiology: New Age diagnostic technique sometimes called "muscle testing. Aquarian Academy, Robert E. Man's purpose is to reach the transcendental plane, release from the wheel of fate, astral projection , meditation , cosmic truths. Similar to Unitarian-Universalist. Publishes the Fiery Synthesis magazine. Dowling, a New Age , apocryphal story supposedly based on the Akashic Records.

Publishes the Panegyria newsletter. Based on the teachings of Alice Bailey see Arcane School. Publishes the Thoughtline newsletter. Similar to Theosophy. Arefu: Company created and owned by Japanese doomsday-cult Aum Shinri Kyo for real estate brokering, financing and seminars. On January 18, , the cult announced it was also changing its own name to Arefu Aleph , in English. See Church of God, International. Armstrong, Herbert W. Armstrongism: The doctrines and religious movement originating with Herbert W.

Armstrong rejected such essential doctrines of evangelical Christianity as the Trinity , the full deity of Jesus Christ , and the personality of the Holy Spirit. Armstrong taught British Israelism and believed that worthy humans could eventually "become God as God is God. Under the leadership of Armstrong's successors, Joseph W. Scores of splinter groups, such as the Global Church of God and the United Church of God , continue to teach various forms of Armstrongism.

Arn Draiocht Fein, P. Publishes News from the Mother Grove newsletter. Aromatherapy: Holistic health practice of seeking to heal certain diseases or illnesses by inhaling scented steam or fragrances. See Aromatherapy. Publishes The Runestone newsletter. Ascended Master Teaching Foundation, Mt. Occult , New Age belief in alleged teachers or masters who live on an astral plane as non-physical entities beyond time and space. They can supposedly communicate spiritual truths to humans through channeling or other occult techniques.

Membership includes Jesus , Buddha , St. See Sacred Name movement. Publishes The Faith. Associates for Scriptural Knowledge, Ernest L. Teaches universalism , i. Martin was fired by the Foundation for Biblical Research an Armstrongism splinter group in Alhambra, CA in for espousing these doctrines. Riverside, CA: New Age , reincarnation and astrology. Association for Research and Enlightenment A. Publishes Voice of Astara. Usually a "cord" is said to connect the soul and body at all times.

Also called astral travel. Astrology: An ancient fatalistic system of divination using the position of the planets, moon and sun in the twelve Zodiac positions at the moment of one's birth to gain occult or hidden knowledge of the future. Astrology and Psychic News, N. Hollywood, CA: New Age periodical. Atheism: The assertion, to be taken on faith, that there is no God. Some atheists, such as Madalyn Murray-O'Hair, have fought to prevent any recognition of God in public life.

See American Atheists, Inc. Purported to have been a highly advanced civilization. New Agers often claim to have recovered lost mystical wisdom and knowledge from Atlantis, sometimes through channeling. Atman: A term used in Hinduism referring to the eternal or real self and sometimes refering to the principle of life in all things. At-one-ment: Term used by several Mind Science or New Thought religions such as Christian Science referring to the supposed metaphysical unity or "oneness" of human beings and God as demonstrated by Christ.

Contrast the Christian term "atonement," which refers to Christ's death on the cross as the means by which he reconciled sinful human beings to God. Police raiding cult compounds discovered stockpiles of nerve gas and the basic ingredients of biological warfare. Sect leaders have been charged with abduction and "murder preparation. The sect has followers in other countries including the U.

On January 18, , the cult announced it was changing its name to Arefu Aleph , in English. Aura: A subtle light or energy field said to surround people or objects. Mystics explain that from the color of the aura, a person's emotional and intellectual moods can be determined. Author Services, Inc. Automatic Writing: Inspired from the spirit world, the writer has no conscious muscular control of his hands or arms.

Found in many occult and New Age groups. Avatar: Hindu concept of an earthly manifestation of one of the gods in human or animal form, e. Avatar, Flagstaff, AZ: New Age seminars similar to est and Lifespring , enables participant to have conscious shift of beliefs. Awareness Research Foundation, Inc. Teaches the balancing of vibrational centers for health through diet, exercise, herbs, and purification procedures.

Bailey, Alice: Founder of the Arcane School. Often used as a symbol of Satan , especially in Satanism , and depicted as a Goat's Head symbol, an upside down five-pointed star cf. If these dead persons then accept the LDS gospel while in Spirit Prison, they can potentially attain full salvation or godhood exaltation.


This ceremony is performed only in an LDS Temple. See Baptismal Regeneration. Baptismal Regeneration: The belief that regeneration i. All Christians should be baptized Matthew The teaching that baptism is a prerequisite for salvation, however, is considered by many evangelicals to be a heretical compromise of the biblical gospel of salvation by grace alone Ephesians The extreme version of baptismal regeneration, which denies the salvation even of baptized Christians outside some particular church group, is clearly heretical.

The Beatles: A highly influential rock-and-roll group from the s. The Beatles are widely credited with increasing the popularity of Eastern religions in the United States. Publishes Believer's News.

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Bell, Art: Popular late-night radio talk show host. While his Coast to Coast weeknight broadcast and Dreamland weekend broadcast focus on a wide array of New Age and occult issues, as well as many conspiracy theories, one of the most common subjects discussed by guests on the program is UFO s. Beltane: Occult , Celtic holiday, also called Walpurgisnacht, celebrated on the night of April Celts are alleged to have conducted fertility rituals and human sacrifice. Some people involved in the occult and UFO studies believe the Triangle is a supernaturally dangerous area, with many ships and airplanes disappearing in the Triangle in the 20th century.

Bernard, David: A well-known Oneness Pentecostal writer and speaker. Krishnamurti later renounced that role. Publishes The Prophetic Watchman newsletter. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh: Though this Indian guru is deceased, many followers still practice his unique form of Hindu philosophy and sexual yoga system to gain enlightenment. Bhakti Yoga: Type of yoga or spiritual exercise involving devotion to a guru.

Bible: Considered scripture by Christianity. Bible Believers, Inc. Bible Code, Michael Drosnin: Bestselling book teaches that prophecies are hidden in a complex network of letters and words within the Old Testament. Drosnin claims that he attempted to warn Israeli leader Yitzak Rabin of his impending assassination based on a prediction in the biblical code. The theory is a form of numerology and has some associations with the Jewish occultism of the Kabbalah. Bible Students: Various semiautonomous groups that broke away from the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society after Joseph Rutherford took control of the organization.

Groups across the country go under various names e. Bible Way Publications, Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Bible Students group. Bind: See Spell. Bioenergy: New Age practice of healing. Balances the life-energy by opening blocked meridians see acupuncture. Biofeedback : The use of EEG electroencephalographic feeback instruments to monitor brain waves and skin resistance with the goal of modification of brain waves. Participants can learn to control heart rates or generate brain wave activity alpha, beta, and delta at will to induce altered states of consciousness. Bio-Magnetics: New Age , the realigning of magnetic fields allegedly surrounding the body.

Black candles are used and Catholic prayers recited backwards. Allegedly, the communion is occasionally performed using human blood and flesh. Black Muslim: Generic term referring to Nation of Islam and related groups. Blessed Be: A common greeting used among Wiccans to invoke or wish happiness and well-being. Blood Atonement Doctrine: The belief, taught by the second Mormon Prophet, Brigham Young, that for certain sins the blood of Christ will not atone and for which the sinner's own blood must be shed to receive forgiveness Journal of Discourses, Vol.

No longer taught by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints , the belief is often preached and sometimes practiced by members of Mormon Fundamentalist splinter groups. To this day, Utah allows condemned murders to face execution by firing squad rather than methods that do not shed the criminal's blood, such as lethal injection or the electric chair.

Publishes the Solar Space-Letter. Book of Changes: See I Ching. Born Again: Biblical term used to describe regeneration John Some New Age followers teach that the term was Christ's reference to reincarnation or rebirthing. In context, Jesus was speaking of a spiritual event effected by God through the Holy Spirit see verses to restore a sinful, fallen human to right relationship with Him see verses See Gospel. Brahma: The creator and first member of the triad of demigods in Hinduism , including Shiva and Vishnu. Brainwashing: Forced indoctrination using various techniques to cause a subject to abandon basic political, social, or religious ideas or beliefs and replace those ideals with a contrasting belief system.

A translation of a Chinese word xinao, "brainwashing" became a popular term to describe the phenomena of radical change in behavior and core beliefs that took place in some prisoners of war held in Chinese camps in the mid-twentieth century. In a more general sense, the word is sometimes used to describe any form of persuasion perceived to be unethical that results in a radical and negative change in personality. See Lifton, Robert , Mind Control.

David Koresh A. Vernon Howell was leader from to He and many of his most devout followers were killed when their headquarters near Waco, TX, was destroyed by fire in during a government raid. Taught knowledge of the Seven Seals of the Book of Revelation brought salvation.

Many followers still believe Koresh's messianic claims and expect him to be resurrected soon. Branham, William, : Oneness Pentecostal preacher who claimed he received healing and prophetic powers from an angel. Denied the Trinity , taught the serpent seed doctrine, and rejected other Pentecostal and traditional Christian churches. The group requires renouncing both family and worldly possessions in order to earn salvation see Salvation by works. Members travel nomadically, earning their nickname because of their practice of eating discarded food.

Family members note that Roberts hides relatives, moving the individuals to avoid familial contact. Note: This group is not affiliated with the Church of the Brethren, an Anabaptist denomination. Brinkley, Dannion: As chronicled in his bestseller Saved by the Light, Brinkley allegedly underwent a near-death experience after being struck by lightning. He teaches people to perform "life reviews" to enhance their perception of life and death and to find their life missions.

The monarchs of England sit on the throne of David. See Christian Identity Movement , Serpent seed doctrine. Also known as Center of Light and Life. Brotherhood of the White Temple, Inc. The Bruderhof Community: A communal society started in Germany in the s and based on the sixteenth-century Moravian Anabaptist sect of Jacob Hutter, which was part of the Radical Reformation. The group is also called the Society of Brothers and the Hutterian Brethren. The basic theology of the group is Protestant but, according to former members and other critics, the group exercises inappropriate control over the members and practices shunning and other forms of spiritual abuse.

Buddha: Siddhartha Gautama Buddha "enlightened one" was born about BC in northeastern India and, according to legend, received spiritual enlightenment through meditation. During his lifetime, his spiritual insights and teachings became a major alternative to Hinduism throughout India. Diverse versions of his teachings can be found worldwide today. See Buddhism. Buddhism: World religion based on the spiritual teachings of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha.

There are a number of versions or sects of Buddhism generally teaching paths to Nirvana enlightenment or bliss though the four noble truths recognizing existence and source of suffering and the eightfold path correct understanding, behavior and meditation. The name comes from the culmination of the festival, in which a wooden man with outstretched arms resembling a crucifix is burned by the crowd. Cabalah: See Kabbalah. Caelum Moor, Arlington, TX: Private park now closed containing menhirs large upright stones similar to those found at Stonehenge.

Newspaper reports claim trespassers have used the site for pagan ceremonies. See Stonehenge. Very influential in the public school arena. He helped popularize Native American shamanism , the hallucinogenic peyote , and New Age occultism. Publishes the Castle Rising newsletter. Catholicism: See Roman Catholicism. Celestine Prophecy, The: A best-selling New Age book by James Redfield that teaches enlightenment through the fictional "Nine Insights" contained in secret manuscripts written by Maya natives in the jungles of Peru.

Celticism, Celts: The Celts were a group of related tribes whose territory extended throughout Europe early in the first millennium AD , but who are most commonly associated with the British Isles. The Celts worshipped local deities frequently associated with nature , often served by a priestly class of Druids. Human sacrifice was important to Druidic religion.

Modern neo-pagans frequently claims to be Celtic, although the modern beliefs and practices bear little resemblance to ancient Celticism. Celtic Christianity: Augustine of Canterbury evangelized England in the late 6th? His work was later taken by Patrick to Ireland, who is largely credited with establishing the Celtic church. Celtic Christianity was heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic Church, to which it was allied, although many individuals claim a greater reverence for nature in the Celtic tradition.

Differences in practice within the Celtic church were gradually eradicated during the Middle Ages as the Roman papacy asserted its authority over Ireland. Modern groups that claim to revive Celtic Christianity are frequently a mixture of Protestantism and Roman Catholicism , with few legitimate ties to the early Celtic church. Nonetheless, these groups should not be confused with neo-pagan groups that also claim to be Celtic.

He and his work, which is frequently supportive of new religions, are often used by alternative religious groups to support their activities when pursuing governmental recognition. Publishes the Interconnections newsletter. Publishes The Light Journal. The Centers Network: See est. Occult spells , hexes, curses, voodoo , witchcraft see Wicca.

Chakras: New Age , said to be centers for cosmic energy in the human body that are aligned to allow the Kundalini energy to proceed from the base of the spine to the top of the forehead. Channeling: New Age term for the occult practice of Spiritualism also called trance channeling. Spirit beings, Ascended Masters , deceased humans, familiar spirits , or animal spirits allegedly communicate important messages by temporarily entering the body and controlling the voice of a host channel or medium.

Most channelers give the same basic message, that man is a God. Chi: Invisible energy or force alleged to make up the universe and flow through all living things via meridians or chakras. See Taoism , Yin and Yang , Acupuncture. Publishes the MU News. Chinmoy, Sri: Hindu philosophy , meditation. Chiromancy: See Palm Reading. Chiropractic Medicine: A holistic health practice whereby practitioners use a form of manipulative therapy to treat musculoskeletal problems. While many chiropractors are not engaging in alternative religious activities via their practice, critics claim that some chiropractors engage in chiropractic medicine in accordance with the Taoist principle of facilitating the flow of chi.

See Ayurvedic Medicine. Christ: Based on the Greek christos meaning "anointed one," equivalent to the Hebrew "messiah. Christians believe this to be Jesus of Nazareth, who died to atone for human sin. Other religions believe in a succession of Christ figures through history, sometimes including Jesus, who were great teachers. New Age groups sometimes understand the term "Christ" as a reference to the deity found in all humanity the Cosmic Christ. Thus, Jesus was conscious of his deity or "the Christ within" and others can have this same " Christ-consciousness " by realizing that they, too, are divine.

Other religious leaders have historically claimed to hold the office or ministry of Christ including Unification Church founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Biblical warnings are given for "false Christs" Mark Christ-consciousness: New Age term expressing the belief that Christ is a divine potential in all human beings of which only some people are aware or conscious, rather than a unique title for Jesus. Lightening Amen, claims to be the incarnation of Jesus. Followers dress in robes, no shoes, practice vegetarianism. Also rejects the ideas of heaven and hell. It has several splinter groups. Christian Identity movement: The belief that the true identity of the ten lost tribes of Israel is the white, Anglo-Saxon race.

The belief is similar to but distinct from the doctrine of British Israelism. A number of independent churches and organizations including some militant racist groups make up the general movement. Most deny the Trinity. Some teach a form of the Serpent Seed doctrine, believing that Jews are descendants of Eve's alleged sexual relations with the serpent Genesis 3 and are thus not fully human.

Many also hold that non-Whites are descended from the union of Cain and a woman from a supposed pre-Adamite race. Publishes The New Creation periodical. Eddy's teaching heavily indebted to Phineas P. Quimby , a mesmerist. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures functions as a virtual second canon of Scripture. Views God as infinite Mind, "the animating divine Principle of all that is real and good. Seeking medical help is discouraged, frequently resulting in preventable deaths.

Christ is "the divine manifestation of God" most fully seen in Jesus, who only seemed to die. The orthodox doctrine of the Trinity is rejected as polytheistic. Followers, called Christians, were initially viewed as a sect of Judaism. It quickly developed as a separate religion as Jewish Christians became outnumbered by non-Jewish converts and, through a strong missionary emphasis, Christianity became a diverse worldwide movement.

Except for cults , aberrant sects, and Liberal Christianity , those who claim to be Christians have historically believed the following: There is only one true God eternally revealed in three distinct Persons - the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit the Trinity. Human beings are sinners who without the grace of God received through faith in Christ are eternally lost. Jesus, who is God in the flesh, died on the cross and rose physically from the dead as the sole and sufficient payment for the sins of humanity.

Chrysalis : Swedenborg Foundation periodical. Chuang-tzu: Legendary founder of Taoism. Shepherding , mind control. Publishes the Green Egg periodical. Church of Bible Understanding C. Church of Christ: See Churches of Christ. Church of Freethought: A social organization for atheists that provides the opportunities for socializing, community service, and social support offered by theistic churches. Smith, Richardson, TX: Armstrongism splinter group. Denies Trinity , personality of the Holy Spirit, and the bodily resurrection. Teaches annihilationism , salvation by law-keeping, Sabbatarianism , and that man can become a member of "the God family" Godhead.

Publishes Newswatch Magazine and Newswatch radio and television programs. Publishes Notes For Bible Students newsletter. Main headquarters for the Church of God, Abrahamic Faith. Armstrong recently stepped down from his top leadership position amidst allegations of sexual misconduct and litigation. Publishes the Proclaim Liberty magazine. Publishes Bible Advocate. Publishes The Herald of Truth newsletter. Publishes The Advocate of Truth newsletter.

Publishes The Watchman. Smith claimed that the Father and Son appeared to him and called him to restore the true Church. God and his heavenly Wife begat billions of spirit children, the firstborn of whom was Jesus. Lucifer was the leader of God's rebellious spirit children. Those spirits who did not rebel become human beings in order to begin process potentially leading to exaltation to Godhood. Jesus, however, became a God while only a spirit.

He organized our world and is Jehovah, the God of Israel. He is a separate and subordinate God to Elohim, the Father. The latter is a divine energy, force, or spiritual essence that fills the universe and is used by all three members of the Godhead in the exercise and accomplishment of their will. The Church rejects the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity. It also redefines salvation by grace to refer simply to resurrection.

Almost all humans will be resurrected into one of three kingdoms of glory, the least of which is far superior to anything known in this life. Entry into the higher kingdoms, and one's rank there, depends not only upon the atonement of Christ, but also upon one's good works. Publishes Church News and Ensign magazine. Church of Jesus Power, E. Cooke, Sr. Atonement to be found in each person's own path.

Publishes Metaphysical Messenger magazine. LaVey, author of the Satanic Bible , founded the church in and died in after which a struggle for leadership ensued between LaVey's daughters, Karla and Zeena, and his long-term live-in partner, Blanche Barton. Gilmore to be High Priest. Barton is now serving in a lesser role as Magistra Templi Rex. The church has claimed as many 10, members. LaVey, a former lion tamer, organist, hypnotist, psychic, artist, and photographer. Like the vast majority of Satanists, he did not believe in a literal, personal devil, but turned to Satanic imagery to provoke a reaction and illustrate his disdain for Christianity.

Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard: Humans are immortal spiritual beings whose experience extends beyond a single lifetime reincarnation , and whose capabilities are unlimited, though presently imprisoned by matter, energy, space, and time MEST. Salvation is the recovery of spiritual freedom, ability, independence and serenity, including freedom from the endless cycle of birth and death reincarnation , and full awareness and ability independent of the body, i. Auditing can last for years and may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Teachings are also advanced through affiliated business management companies such as Sterling Management Systems , the drug prevention program Narcanon , and in public schools though Way to Happiness. The writings and recorded spoken words of L. Ron Hubbard contained in over , pages of writings and over 2, tape-recorded public lectures constitute the scripture of the religion, his book Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health being foundational.

Scientology has a history of alleged abuse and illegal activities, and is fighting legal battles in countries all over the world. Publishes Thunderbow II newsletter. Publishes the Crystals of Light newsletter. The assassination was allegedly carried out on the grounds of the Blood Atonement Doctrine. Publishes the Forerunner newsletter. The church has also been suspected in the deaths of other rival Mormon Fundamentalists , including Rulon Allred, founder of the Corporation of the Presiding Elder of the Apostolic United Brethren. LaBaron died in a Utah State Prison in See False Prophecy.

Church of the Plains Indians: Native American spirituality , sweat lodge. Church of the Trinity, A. Crucifixion, Entombment, Resurrection and Ascension he imparted his Consciousness into the psyche of all. Publishes Newsletter for The Americas. Germain, channeling , guided meditation. Publishes Cosmic Channelling newsletter. They believe Garcia's guitar is a channel for God.

Currently led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Stone's restoration movement of the early 19th century, which was designed to promote unity among Protestants. Many but not all Churches of Christ today, however, differ from traditional Protestant doctrine in two key areas. Some also believe that today's Churches of Christ are the only true churches on earth and that they can literally trace their history to the first century church in Jerusalem.

Circle Network News Mt. Horeb, WI: Paganism , shamanism , Wicca , goddess worship. Publishes the Circle Network News newsletter. Circle of Light, Inc. Clairvoyance: The supposed paranormal ability to "see" psychic information, including historical or future events or other phenomena, that cannot be discerned naturally through the five material senses. See ESP , Divination. Cleage, Albert B. Cognitive Dissonance: A mental, emotional, or psychological state which results from attempting to hold two totally incompatible beliefs or opposing attitudes at the same time.

See Double Bind. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church. The doctrines of the two groups eventually became radically different. The Community of Christ church has a slightly different version of the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants, and they reject the Pearl of Great Price as scripture. In recent years the church has experienced divisions, with more conservative Restoration Branches becoming independent. The current leader and prophet of the movement, Grant McMurray, was the first exception to this practice.

Publishes The Beamer newsletter. Concerned Christians, Monte Kim Miller, Denver, CO: Ironically, begun in the early s as a Christian ministry to expose cults and false teaching, Miller's organization began to take on cult-like characteristics in later years. Becoming increasingly controversial and bizarre, Miller's group drew national media attention in when over 50 followers fled the Denver area and disappeared after Miller predicted the Apocalypse was to begin and that Denver was to be destroyed by an earthquake on October Miller, who claims to be one of the two end-time prophets mentioned in the Revelation 11, published Report from Concerned Christians and Take Heed Update.

Produced Our Foundation radio program. He is said to have collected, edited and written commentaries on four ancient manuscripts including the I Ching. Doctrines include ancestor worship, devotion to family elders, and right conduct based on the inherent goodness of man. Publishes The Herald magazine. Publishes The Restoration Message newsletter. Publishes the Gentle Place and Quiet Space magazine. Contemplations, Inc. Life is crystalized light. Jesus is only part human and part God.

Holy Spirit empowered Jesus to live sinless life and can do the same for any person. Salvation by works. Publishes Cornerstone. Jeffs, Sandy, Utah: Mormon Fundamentalist splinter group of between eight and twelve thousand members. The group has a strong presence in Hilldale, Utah, and Colorado City, Arizona once known as Short Creek , which was the site of a government effort to prosecute polygamists in Allred was murdered in by members of a rival Mormon Fundamentalist sect. Cosmerism: Mixture of Christianity and Buddhism , but embraces all religions as having truth. Cosmic Christ: See Christ.

Teaches that man is still in heaven with God and this life is a dream. Coven: A group two or more people ideally thirteen practicing witchcraft see Wicca or occult arts. Also called a clan. Covey, Stephen: Mormon author with New Age affinities. Author of the best-selling, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and several sequels. Creation Calendar, Verlis W. Creme, Benjamin: See Tara Center. Crowley, Aleister: An English magician and Occultist. Crystallomancy: Divination or fortune telling by gazing into a crystal rock or crystal ball. Crystals: Many though not all New Agers believe that gems especially Crystals possess mystical, esoteric , spiritual powers to bring the bearer health, wealth and good fortune.

Cult: See the Definitions section in the introduction. According to Kisser, between and CAN was the victim of approximately 50 lawsuits directly or indirectly sponsored by members of the Church of Scientology , an organization considered by CAN to be a dangerous cult. Kisser warns that anyone now contacting CAN should be aware that they are very likely talking with Scientologists. A system that requires members to disclose to their leaders or superiors the personal thoughts, attitudes, and actions that do not conform to the group's ideals. This practice diminishes healthy personal boundaries and privacy, and may facilitate additional abuses.

Publishes Restoration Voice, The Vision. Dalai Lama: The spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism. Dallas Fellowship, Inc. Publishes The Circle newsletter. In , over a decade after his death, the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith a Vatican commission denounced de Mello's writings. They warned of false teachings in his works, including a denial of objective morality and the claim that all religion, including Christianity, are obstacles to truth. Ron Hubbard , founder of the Church of Scientology. An environment of blame and guilt based on an impossible ideal of human behavior or perfection.

This shame-based culture punishes failure and can even subtly train members to punish themselves for their inability to live up to the group's ideals or standards. See Brainwashing. Demons: Fallen angels under the direction of Satan who seek to destroy God's purpose and people. Demons are invisible, spiritual beings Ephesians , are organized and have supernatural power and knowledge Matthew , Revelation , can possess humans and animals, Luke , Mark , and can inspire false doctrine 1 Timothy Deprogramming: A coercive attempt to dissuade an individual of religious or ideological convictions believed to be harmful, through a concentrated usually two to three days counseling procedure designed to produce a sudden "snapping out.

Often presented as an antidote for brainwashing or mind control , some deprogrammers rationalized the unethical use of force and coercion to rescue victims by illegally holding them against their will abduction or "snatching" in a process known as "involuntary" deprogramming.

Watchman Fellowship does not support or condone such illegal and unethical behavior. Not to be confused with Exit Counseling. Devil: See Satan. Dianetics: Bestselling "bible" of the Church of Scientology. Disfellowshipping: As practiced by the LDS and many other groups, this is a level of church discipline involving a probationary period of restricted privileges, but retaining church membership. As practiced by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society , it is an alternate term for "excommunication," being completely cut off from Jehovah's organization; see Shunning.

The organization's dogma determines whether or not other groups or individuals have the right to exist. All alternative belief systems or organizations are considered illegitimate. In extreme cases this mindset can promote violence or murder. Divali: Hindu philosophy of Enlightenment.

Most often props are involved such as the hand palm reading , the stars astrology , cards Tarot , or random symbols I Ching. The ideas and doctrines of the leader and organization overrule the personal experiences, conscience, and integrity of the individual. Publishes the Theologia 21 newsletter. The Door: See Potter's House. Double Bind: A mental or psychological dilemma caused when a person receives from a single leader or teacher conflicting messages or "truths" resulting in no appropriate response or answer.

See Cognitive Dissonance. Dowsing: Form of divination using a forked rod, a bent wire, or a pendulum. Used to locate people, objects, or substances, and to diagnose illnesses. They were the keepers of oral history and law, and officiates of pagan , occult religious practices. See Halloween. A similar doctrine called the Plural Covenant theory emphasizes other covenants in addition to these two major systems. Dualism: An understanding of reality as existing in two opposite extremes. Ethical dualism posits a conflict between universal good and an equal and opposite force of universal evil e.

Dungeons and Dragons: Occult , fantasy role playing game , allegedly uses demonic names and spells found in occult literature. Some parents have charged that children committed suicide under the influence of the game. Dyer, Wayne: Prominent New Age writer and spokesman focusing on business applications, personal transformation and motivational speaking. Also promotes holistic health , and Buddhism. Dynamic Monarchianism: A late second-century heresy denying the Trinity, put forth by Theodotue of Byzantium and later adoped in modified forms by Paul of Samosata, Noetus and Prazeas.

An active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints , Eadie claims to have died, gone to heaven, and returned to her body see near-death experiences. Her books contain a combination of New Age and Mormon beliefs. Earth Church of Amargi, St. Louis, MO: Paganism , ritual magic , witchcraft see Wicca , moon festivals, Kabbalah , goddess worship. Earthmother Therapy Center: Astrology , aura reading, chakra balancing, channeling , homeopathy , iridology , numerology , palmistry , past life regression , reflexology.

Eckankar, Paul Twitchell: Mixture of pantheism and eastern mysticism , astral projection , reincarnation.

Emmanuel, J. Publishes The Gap newsletter. Emerald Circle: Paganism , know the Divine within, be part of Gaia. Enneagram: Occult symbol. A circle with its circumference divided by nine points; has connections with the "Tree of Life" in Kabbalah , astrology , or divination. Erhard, Warner: See est. Esoteric: Hidden or deeper knowledge held by an elite few.

See Gnosticism , Occult. ESPress, Inc. See National Spiritual Science Center. Essene Light Center, Mary L. Teaches the world has no objective meaning, enlightenment, and to live moment to moment with no regard for the future. New Age themes. In the midst of mounting troubles, Erhard decided to leave the United States. Est was discontinued and replaced by The Forum.

Evangelical Christianity: Evangelical from the Greek euangelion, good news or gospel generally means a focus on the essentials of Christianity. The term can be used to describe all Christians or churches that hold to or give heavy emphasis to specific conservative Protestant beliefs. In Germany, "Evangelical" is basically synonymous with "Lutheran. More specifically the term has come to be closely identified with a widespread trans-denominational shift towards more conservative Christian doctrine that developed after World War II.

See Fundamental Christianity. It means to become a God, exactly like God the Father and Jesus Christ, and to produce and rule over one's offspring throughout eternity. Exit Counseling: Thought Reform Consulting A non-coercive technique in contrast to deprogramming designed to help rescue members of religions or cults that are considered false, harmful, or dangerous. The approach stresses true personal and religious freedom in the context of providing additional information and full disclosure, which facilitates more informed decision-making.

Family counseling and intervention techniques may also be incorporated. Extrasensory Perception ESP : Alleged knowledge of an experience or a response to an external event apart from the five senses. This experience can take place either in a wakeful or dream state. Publishes The Faith Word magazine. False Prophecy: Generally, any teaching by a prophet that is not true.

Familiar Spirit: A spirit that can allegedly communicate with humans, often through possessing the body of a medium , channeler , or psychic. Also, a special type of demon that can impersonate a deceased person during attempts to communicate with the dead see necromancy. Not related to the following entry. Best known for explicit sexual practices in recruiting converts and inner-group life, based on Berg's writings, the MO Letters.

Not related to previous entry. Critics have expressed concern over the tremendous amount of time often invested in the games. More disturbing are reports that the games often emphasize rape, violence, spells, magic and other occult themes. Some parents have also charged that their children committed suicide while under the influence of FRP. Farrakhan, Louis: Leader in the Nation of Islam. New Age , automatic writing , ascended beings. Fellowship of Isis: Paganism. Egyptian gods and goddess worship. Feminism: See Radical Feminism. Feng Shui: A religious "science" for the balancing of Yin and Yang in the environment, discovered or originated by farmers some 3, years ago and developed within Taoism.

Feng Shui teaches that there is an energy called Qi or, Chi flowing throughout the universe, and in this world through lines, sometimes called channels or meridians, to which one must be properly aligned for optimal health, fortune, and quality of life.

The position and alignment of structures and objects in one's environment affects the flow of this energy and one's own ability to harmonize with nature. Practitioners therefore arrange household and office furniture, design rooms and even whole buildings, their grounds and gardens, etc. They thus hope to improve the balance of nature around them, not only for their own benefit, but for the benefit everyone in the area.

First Temple of the Craft of W. See also Unarius Education Foundation. Publishes the Zen Notes newsletter. Flirty Fishing, Ffing : Allegedly discontinued practice of using sex to entice converts into The Family. Publishes the Update newsletter. Followers of Christ Church, Walter T. White, Oregon City, OR: Practices shunning , exhibits legalism , and holds to a strict faith-healing doctrine.

Doctors and hospitals are not allowed. State medical examiner claims as many as 25 children have died in the last two decades from complications from otherwise common medical problems. Form Criticism: A method of literary criticism used by many scholars in the interpretation of the Bible. It identifies the literary forms of specific parts of the biblical writings, such as the different types of psalms thanksgiving, lament, etc.

By noting common features in passages of the same form, various conclusions are drawn about how to interpret those passages. In liberal Christianity , which pioneered this method, many of the forms are assumed to be legendary or mythical especially those involving the supernatural. Some evangelical scholars think form criticism can be useful if such liberal assumptions are avoided, while other evangelicals reject form criticism outright. See also Redaction criticism. Fortunetelling: A form of divination in which a person attempts to predict the future using alleged paranormal powers.

The Forum: New Age , personal transformation seminar; see est. See also Process Church of the Final Judgement. Publishes the Divine Truth Commentary newsletter. All religious leaders, including Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha were sent by God. Publishes A Call To Wisdom newsletter. Fox, Kate and Margarett: See Spiritualism. Fox, Matthew: Dominican Catholic priest silenced by the Vatican for teaching blatant New Age theology which he calls "creation-centered spirituality".

Free Bible Students: A small Bible Students splinter group currently consisting of only four congregations and approximately 27 home groups. Freemasonry: A fraternal order revived in the early 18th century in England, loosely based on associations or guilds of stone cutters "operative" masons.

Freemasonry "speculative" masons sought to give philosophical, moral, or spiritual meaning to the lodge, tools, and oaths of the stone cutters. Most modern adherents maintain that the organization is not a religion but a club or fraternity promoting high moral values and good works. They believe, therefore, that Freemasonry is compatible with and supplements Christianity and other religions. Critics counter that Freemasonry involves secret blood oaths or curses, and that the writings of respected early leaders Albert Mackey, Albert Pike, etc.

Despite Freemasonry's promotion and funding of a number of worthwhile, philanthropic endeavors free Shriner children hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Fundamentalist Christianity: Generally a reference to conservative Christians who believe five "fundamentals" of Christianity : the inerrancy of Scripture, the virgin birth of Christ, the substitutionary atonement of Christ, the bodily resurrection of Christ, and the historicity of biblical miracles. More specifically, the term is identified with the conservative reaction, especially in America, to liberal Christianity in the early 20th century.

Core beliefs of the movement are virtually identical with evangelical Christianity. Some fundamentalists, however, later distinguished themselves from evangelicals or neo-evangelicals whom they saw as too compromising and ecumenical. More recently some have given a new, negative meaning to the term "fundamentalist" using it as a synonym for narrow-minded, bigoted, anti-intellectual or divisive Christians.

Publishes The Appointed Time newsletter. Gaia: Originally the Greek goddess of earth. Many see the earth as one large living organism made of numerous parts, much as the human body is one living organism with various parts. Publishes The Gandhi Message quarterly. Pyramid powers. Turgeon once claimed to be the prophet Elijah. He and another member, Blaine Alan Applin, were charged with first-degree murder in following the shooting death of former member Daniel Jess. Earlier that year a SWAT team served a warrant on the group's five-acre compound located 60 miles north of San Diego and recovered weapons and other stolen property.

Gateway To Light, Lloyd G. Gawain, Shakti: New Age author who popularized Buddhism through creative visualization meditation techniques. Ghosts: Non-physical entities or spirit beings, often believed to be the spirits of the dead. See Spiritualism , Demon , Necromancy , Occult. Teaches a form of Armstrongism. Globalism: When used in a religious sense, this term most often means to lose all national identity. Mankind must see itself as one world family, without the need for distinctions between religions.

All religions become true or the distinctive doctrines of the various religions must be disregarded in an attempt to achieve the new Global Family idea. Publishes the Sunspot magazine. Gnosticism: From the Greek word gnosis knowledge. Salvation comes through secret knowledge.