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Lost Christianities. Consuming the Word. Scott Hahn. The Day the Revolution Began. Christian Beginnings. Geza Vermes. Swear to God. The New Testament in Antiquity. Gary M. Bruce M. Metzger;Michael David Coogan. The Fourth Cup. For Calvinism. Michael Horton. Worship Old and New. Robert E. William E. Tony Jones. The Bible Compass. Edward Sri. Lifted by Angels. Joel J.

How Did We Get the Bible? Tracy M. Understanding Four Views on the Lord's Supper. John H. Catholics Go by the Bible. Eugene Hausmann. Man of Sin, The. Kim Riddlebarger.

The Grace of Repentance Repackaged Edition. Sinclair B. David Wenham.

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What Christians Ought to Believe. Michael F. Introduction to the Ethiopian Orthodox. Alemayehu Desta.

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George T. How the Bible Became Holy. Michael L Satlow. Cheryl Durham. I'm Not Being Fed. Jeff Cavins.

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The Missing Family of Jesus. Tobias Churton. The Apostolic Fathers in English. Michael W.

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The Kingdom and the Church. A General Introduction to the Bible. David Ewert. Holman Old Testament Commentary - Daniel. Kenneth Gangel. Divine Comedy. Dante Alighieri. The Heidelberg Catechism. Edwin Walhout. How the Bible Was Formed.

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Gregg Allison. Generous Justice. Timothy Keller. The Harlot by the Side of the Road. Jonathan Kirsch. The Christian Fallacy. Dr Paul McGrane. The Rise and Fall of the Bible. Timothy Beal. Piecing Together Bible Prophecy. Don Walton. Beyond Sex Roles. Gilbert Bilezikian. A Faith for All Seasons. Ted M. Henry H. Andy Keener, senior director of global partnerships, talks about how Bible translation helps preserve language and culture.

New Bible translation technology is spreading the Gospel faster than ever before! New Bible translation technology by Wycliffe spreading Gospel faster than ever before. New Bible translation technology is helping to spread the Gospel faster than ever. John Chesnut as president and CEO. Rich Brown: Joplin man starts new ministry of publishing bible in other languages. Most Millennials believe the Bible is 'Just a book' — What this group is doing about it.

On a mission: Area couple teaches, coaches missionaries' kids in Philippines.

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What would your life be like without Jesus Christ? International Day for the Unreached event May 15 spurs online interest, live broadcasting. About town: Rachelle Telsworth loses dream of working abroad for Wycliffe Bible Translators, but she doesn't lose her faith. President Bob Creson joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss 16 new languages that now have the Word of God and the progress and challenges of Bible translation.