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A cavalier attitude to monarchy | The Spectator

Shoreham crash pilot had cavalier attitude to safety, court told. Shoreham crash pilot had cavalier attitude to safety, court told By Press Association House Rules.

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Clinton: Trump's 'cavalier attitude' on nuclear threat is deeply troubling

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June 26, Cambridge Dictionary. Meaning of cavalier in English.

A Cavalier Attitude

Synonym high-handed disapproving. Thesaurus: synonyms and related words Inconsiderate clumsily clumsiness cowboy crass crassly crassness indiscretion indiscriminate insensitivity irresponsibility irresponsible tactlessly tactlessness thoughtless thoughtlessly thoughtlessness unthinkingly wanton wantonly.

  1. We must clamp down on the cavalier attitude of tech giants to the safety of our children.
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  7. Cavalier noun [ C ]. Need a translator? What is the pronunciation of cavalier?