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We went to Build-A-Bear at the Roosevelt Field Mall, made a teddy bear modeled after our bio teacher, and decided to do a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants -type thing where we would keep the bear for a few weeks, write in a journal about what we were doing, and mail it to the next person. We managed to do this for two summers before my two best friends got in a fight, decided to not be friends anymore, and stopped talking without me noticing for two months. Somehow this was pre-Tumblr but obviously concurrent with my long relationship with fanfiction.

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Especially good was my margin illustration, which definitely was inspired by this surprisingly well-edited? YouTube video.

The next summer, I took a stab at another pop culture critique by describing how I felt about the Casey Anthony verdict. Unfortunately for us all, none of my other pop culture hot takes from the time survive.

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    The Brontë Diaries: Emily’s Homely Life – READ

    Ann: Well, do you intend to write in the evening Emily: Well, what think you We agreed to go out 1st to make sure if we got into the humour. We may stay [in]—.

    Identity V [Story Mode] - Emily Dyer's Diary - Full Walkthrough

    It would seem diaries always leave us wanting more. I am quite contented for myself—not as idle as formerly, altogether as hearty and having learnt to make the most of the present and hope for the future with less fidgetiness that I cannot do all I wish—seldom or ever troubled with nothing to do, and merely desiring that every body could be as comfortable as myself and as undesponding and then we should have a very tolerable world of it. Far from being a closed-off moor-wandering sphinx, here Emily proves herself to be aware of the wider world and just as concerned with finding contentment as anyone.

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