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Organizations in Kentucky, Texas, Arkansas, California and New Jersey face a mass funding halt at the end of the month. HUD, which funds most of these programs, has been hit not only by the furloughing of 95 percent of its work force, but also by a recent exodus of top staff members. Critics said HUD officials inadequately planned for an extended shutdown, failing to recertify more than 1, contracts with landlords who provided subsidized housing.

Carson on Friday. Waters was particularly critical of Mr. Carson for exposing homeless programs, including those providing housing for victims of domestic violence, to financial harm. A spokesman for Mr.

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Carson did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The shutdown has stopped vital funding allocations for public housing repairs, new housing voucher applications and even the processing of post-disaster housing requests from Puerto Rico and several hurricane-ravaged states. HUD officials often play down concerns about the impact of funding decisions on poor people. But privately, they too are growing increasingly concerned that some tenants and local groups that rely on funding from the department could be stranded if the shutdown lasts even a few more weeks.

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Smaller organizations, especially those that serve rural areas, are particularly vulnerable because they often lack endowments, cash reserves or lines of credit that their big-city counterparts can tap. Bush will soon have to stop paying some landlords, which could lead to evictions. To minimize the fallout, she has started to compile a list of owners willing to forgo payments for an extended period. Nationally, homelessness has been rising since following years of decline, according to the Annual Homeless Assessment Report.

These new waves are outweighing successful efforts to reduce chronic homelessness through interventions like Permanent Supportive Housing and the Housing First model , Kushel says.

Why Americans Are Retiring Into Homelessness

UCSF researchers estimate that half of the single homeless adults are age 50 or older, compared to 11 percent in the early s. Nobody would tell year-olds that they only deserve housing if they get back to work, Perez says. From a taxpayer standpoint, he notes that homelessness prevention is far less costly than interventions, just as disease prevention is cheaper than dealing with late-form illness. The shelter is helping her and her wife find housing, which they expect to move into next month. Her puppy will have room to run around, and Candy will come by to see the place.

Iranian-born scientist and entrepreneur Niki Bayat created a special hydrogel to combat dry eye … and more.

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Austin, Texas, is losing its grip on the promise of high-income job growth and decent rent — with no major cities left to fill the void. Sign Up. Close Search Hey what are you looking for? Facebook Twitter 5K Shares. Think Outside The Inbox Get the important stories, told nowhere else.

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Your subscription has been updated! Robinson flashes a big smile when she talks about her childhood: She was the eldest of seven children and both parents had steady jobs. As an adult, she spent time in prison for theft and drug use, but after that, she signed a lease with her wife and daughter, Candy. When Candy and her wife had a falling out, Robinson followed her partner onto the street. Research indicates that a growing number of people, like Robinson, are falling into homelessness during the period meant to be their golden years. Researchers from the University of California at San Francisco UCSF interviewed homeless adults aged 50 and older through population-based sampling in Oakland, California, over five years the project has been renewed, ending in UCSF researchers estimate that half of the single homeless adults are age 50 or older, compared to 11 percent in the early s — a percent uptick.

And this problem spans the globe: A report on the U.

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  • Robinson keeps an old photograph of her and her twin daughters in her bag. The second half of the baby-boomer generation entered the labor market during a s recession. Their early adulthood coincided with the decline of unions, the Vietnam War, an era of mass incarceration and the war on drugs, Kushel says. At the same time, the federal government began to retreat from the affordable housing market: Today, the U.

    Many had physically demanding, low-paying jobs without robust benefits. And lack of quality health care, poor nutrition and insufficient time for sleep increased physical vulnerability. Kushel says many participants spoke about some destabilizing event after age