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Again, I suggest you listen to the broadcast by clicking on the player above. The first question is how to you approach a Muslim? The answer is the same as you would reach others. You start by building relationships with them. You have to show an interest in their lives.

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Of course your primary interest is their eternity, but you will not reach them until you build a relationship with them that is based upon a true interest in them as a person. You should show your interest by asking questions about their lives, not just religious questions, but questions about their families, their interests, etc. You would ask similar questions to anyone else you were getting to know. Once you develop a relationship you can start asking questions about their culture and their belief system. They do have a different culture and belief system and it is natural that you should be interested in learning more.

It is important that you show genuine interest when you ask these questions. Islam teaches that Muslims are not to be friends with Christians. It is a powerful thing for a Christian to show genuine interest in becoming their friend. You need to understand that there are layers of suspicion and doubt that must be cut away, especially from those immigrants who have a caricature of Christians as hateful, selfish, and openly sinful. It may take time to bridge the gap. Ask questions, be genuinely curious.

Ask about their clothing, holidays, and dietary restrictions. Something we must also understand is that Muslims view all Americans as Christians. We know that this is not true, but that is their understanding. When they look at the immorality in America they equate that with Christianity. This means that we, as Christians, need to demonstrate a sense of morality based on our Scriptures. One of the biggest objections that Muslims have is the Trinity. They have been taught that we believe in three gods and are polytheistic. We have to explain to them that this is not the case. Islam teaches that Allah is not a father and the idea that he could have a son is totally foreign to them.

The idea of a Holy Spirit is also foreign to them also. They believe that when we talk about the Trinity we are saying that Joseph is the father, Mary is the mother, and Jesus is the son. They believe that we should not say that any of these are God.

The Gospel for Islam

The Bible teaches us that there is a heavenly Father who has revealed Himself in three distinct persons but they are all one God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. When we deal with this subject we must start by presenting the concept of a heavenly Father. This could be a very important issue to a Muslim because if he leaves Islam he will probably lose his earthly father. Muslims have been wrongly taught what Christians believe and what we do believe needs to be explained to them.

Seven top tips for sharing the gospel with Muslims | Europe | Christian Mission Opportunities

We must communicate that we are not trying to win a debate with them, we are just answering questions and clearing up what Christians really believe. If we make it an adversarial confrontation you may have all the answers and win the battle, but you will lose the war.

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The objective is not to win an argument, it is to win them to Christ. The second area they will usually attack is our Bible. They have been taught that our Bible has been corrupted. It was inspired by God and it has been preserved by God. You need to be familiar with this subject because if you are going to be dealing with Muslims they will bring this subject up. It is so important that we get Muslims into the Word of God.

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  8. If they have been taught that your Bible is corrupt then you need to answer that question. It is a 90 page book and four hours of my teaching on this subject. You can get it in our online store. You can also get it by calling Another important point you will have to deal with is their concept of Jesus.

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    It mentions this some 90 times. They have been taught that we believe that man became a god. We need to show them that this is not what we believe.

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    4. We believe that God became a man. This will be a new concept to them because in Islam there is no concept of the atonement for sin. There is no sure solution to the problem of sin. All they know is that Allah is fair. We must teach them that God so loved them that He came Himself to pay their debt.

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      This will touch them. It may initially offend them, but it will touch them. It is very upsetting to me to hear those who want an interfaith dialog say that Christians believe in Jesus and Muslims believe in Jesus and that it is the same Jesus. Meant for the average Christian, this book is not an exhaustive apologetic or a detailed comparative study of Christianity and Islam.

      The message of this book can be summed up in one sentence: Love the Gospel and then you are ready to share it with anyone, even Muslims. This book has been a huge help to us as the world of Islam has come incredibly close to us. What Thabiti shares in this little, easy to read book is practical and heart changing. Has this product helped you?

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      The Gospel for Muslims

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