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Food keeps us together and strengthens the bond, thus, we went to our 1st food outing with the new team. Values are very essential to our organization and we make sure that everyone understands it and owns it. OrganizationValues TeamTogether. Today was the beginning of our Changemakers Fellowship. We have selected 11 bright individuals from various colleges in Chennai to be a part of our family. The first day marked the sharing of their achievements to embarrassing moments to understanding their purpose to know about Involve and our values.

From now on, we are more strong.

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This team will be responsible for implementing our program in public and low-income private schools in Chennai! During a classroom setup, it is common scene where kids are scolded for their notorious behaviour. But our Student Leaders took a unique path for their class. Instead of scolding the naughty ones, they motivated the ones who were disciplined by giving them awards and recognition.

It has shown an increase in positive attitude in the learners. By treating our children with compassion and understanding, we teach them to be responsible and self-disciplined. During our Leadership session, our Student Leaders show great listening skills and effective communication skills. The flow of ideas, information, opinions and implementing it together shows the productivity and performance of the individual and the group.

Planning is nothing but thinking before the action we take. What we have been taught the meaning of planning is to make a time table and follow it That's it, right? But, hold on…. Our Student Leaders visualize the whole process on a paper and plan their activities accordingly.

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The clarity they have in their mind shows how confident they are for the process. We finished our first year of Student Leadership Program by inviting all the Leaders along with their parents for the facilitation of our future young leaders. Our team was too delighted with enormous blessings from parents, mentors and all of you who have supported us throughout the journey.

We were glad to have mentors and beneficiaries too for the very auspicious day. Feeling happy to share with you all the pictures from the day.

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We are all set to start the new year with more deeper and wider impact to our beneficiaries. Thank you TheBetterIndia for covering our story and taking our work to wider places. Thanks to all the people associated directly and indirectly with us : Thanks for believing in our cause. After we presented our work at the BEET Force quarterly event, many organisations showed interest in partnering with us and one of them was Samridhdhi Trust.

MomBanerjee is doing some excellent work with the students affected by migration with bridge schools and after school classroom and she thinks our Peer Teaching model can work well with the kids.

Building Tomorrow: The Need For Sustained Investment in America’s Progressive Youth

Awnish from our team had an orientation with the senior students, the Leaders to aware them on the need of future ready skill We are very hopeful that this will have great impact on the kids. Shoma Bakre Meena Gupta. Science is beautiful and the best way to have your questions answered is to spend time working on science projects and performing experiments. As we have launched our first part time fellowship for college students, it was appropriate to meet the students in person to explain them the program and the value that the fellowship provides them.

This demonstrates the need for this program and the amazing potential of these college students. It's so amazing to discuss possible collaborations with other partners in education. If anyone of you think that we can do some good work together in developing student leadership and building future ready skills, please connect with us and we would be happy to explore synergies. In between some 50 unread emails, Samyak, our team member found this heartfelt message from one of our Student Leaders. I believe u guys will do great the upcoming years You of course are one of the great mentors I had.

And lastly, I got to thank you all for sure for bringing up a great change in me. Reading this in the afternoon after tiring school visits in Chennai's humid weather pays all of it off - says Samyak. Reports suggest that multiple jobs over several different careers will become the new normal. Moreover, the next few decades are shaping up to be a time of great uncertainty: the rock-hard problems of climate change, international conflict, healthcare, economic development and social equality all loom ever larger on the horizon.

Solving the riddles of the 21st century will require highly educated people who are capable of adapting and growing, often in an increasingly self-directed way. So as a business studies teacher, I was acutely aware of the need to prepare my class of and year-olds to make the most of their future.

Building Tomorrow Update No 3 – Holy Trinity Geneva

Like countless teachers up and down the country, I worked hard to impart useful knowledge, and did whatever it took to secure them their all-important grades. But, like the overwhelming majority of teachers, I could see that there was something fundamental missing. Knowledge and good grades are not enough.

To navigate the uncharted waters of the future, young people need a core set of essential skills to succeed — whether at school, in the workplace, or in setting up a business.

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At Enabling Enterprise , we focus on building eight essential skills. Together, they allow children and young people to communicate effectively, creatively solve problems, manage themselves positively, and work well with others. These skills help students make the most of their time at school, and prepare them for the challenges of further education.

They are consistently valued more highly than grades by employers, while serving as a much-needed strong foundation for young entrepreneurs.

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Practice really does make perfect here, so teachers must ensure they refer back to the skills as often as possible. Crucially, we must bring these skills to life, always making links to the careers and opportunities they unlock. We do this by fostering relationships with local businesses and organising trips, so that children and young people can meet real working adults from different sectors and get a taste of the world of work.

Perhaps most importantly — at a time when social mobility in this country is in an atrocious state — the essential skills truly empower young people to choose their own path in life and make their ambitions a reality. The effect this has on social mobility is hard to overstate. Now we are even more determined to build a future where very child and young person builds the essential skills, experiences and aspirations to succeed. It breaks down each of the eight skills into teachable and measurable chunks, making it possible for teachers to build skills at an appropriate level for each age group.