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Remember, bigger is not always better when it comes to shopping. Just pay your balance off in full before the due date and you come out ahead. Often with these credit cards there are days where you get extra savings when using their credit card. Sometimes they have special sales for credit card holders. There is almost always some kind of incentive that will make it worth your while to have it. If you live where your store doubles coupons, make sure you know when these days are and take advantage of them.

Know how you get sale prices at each store, how any loyalty programs work, and whether they offer things like rain checks on sale products they are out of. Sometimes if you spend a certain amount on groceries, you get a price break on gas. These are savings that you can add on to your savings on groceries since the gas savings are a direct result of the grocery purchases you made.

12 Things You Can do Today to Save $s - The Financial Graduate

These are free to join, and it is an awesome way to get some added savings after you purchase certain items. If they are things you buy anyway, these programs can really save you some money. The savings can add up quickly. One year I used my savings from programs like this to have a pretty awesome Christmas with my family.

Great tips. I was amazed to find Joy dishwashing liquid in a smaller size that was the best buy per ounce over everything else. Great ideas! I shop at several stores depending on what I need and what the sales are. You are right about not everything is cheaper at ALDI, but they often have marked down items. I recently bought 7 or 8 large packages of toilet paper at AlDI because it was half price. I knew it was a stock up price and would last so I took advantage of the deal. Yes, Aldi is a great place.

You are exactly right. I stockpile. I have an entire list of price points for all the grocery items I buy.

Save little, save often this year

When something falls within what I have determined to be a very good price, I stock up on it. So when cereal combined with a sale and a coupon falls within that price range, I may buy boxes at a time. I just stumbled on your blog via Pinterest. Any tips for finding things cheaper that are not processed? Produce coupons are very rare, which is so unfortunate. I know that some have good luck writing to specific brands and requesting coupons.

Sometimes they are even coupons for free products. I have also had good luck asking them at the produce department for deli counter etc.

Credit Cards

Also heading to these counters right before they close can also score you some deals as they often sell things that they have to throw out at the end of the day at greatly reduced prices. Growing as much produce as you can also helps. We are an hour away from a large city that even has a farmers market in the winter. I was there yesterday and it had a large amount of veggies available. We are also blessed to be in an area that has access to farmers who will make deals with us for whole, halves, or quarters of beef, or pork or should we want it goats or sheep.

We have always been able to find grass fed antibiotic free meat and have it processed ourselves or they will have it done for us for much less than the groceries charge and fresh is always better. You are so right about that. We are blessed to have such a stand right up the street. We have also split a cow with family before, and the taste certainly has no comparison.

Thank you so much for the tips! NO To dented cans!

Consolidate your credit cards and pay 0% interest on your debt

This can be a serious botulism risk aka severe food poisioning. I stopped reading this article when i got to this. Sounds like it is definitely worth asking about and looking into before purchasing. Some really good tips and I have to say I love Ibotta and Shopkick is pretty good if I remember it while I am in stores. Great ideas. If only I lived in a place that offered coupons, credit cards, store gas stations,….

Check your sales papers and mail. The perimeter or the back pages of ads especially can be a gold mine at times! I would really love to see bloggers focus on saving on groceries without using places like Aldi. Even so, the prices are nowhere compared to what people are paying in other areas. It would be nice to see ways that people can feed their family within a reasonable budget without the big discount chains.

Grocery Outlet has discounts, but at least more than half of what they offer costs the same at the regular grocery store. I agree with the person above who mentioned dealing with local farms. Nurse, pilot killed in medical helicopter crash in Minnesota. Man killed in Brookings County crash identified. Excessive heat warning issued for southeast S. Looking Back: Arcades were all the rage in Sioux Falls in the early '80s.

27 Sneaky Ways To Save $100s A Month

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