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As he headed north-east into the edge of the Simpson desert, the station homesteads were 80 miles apart. In one district he travelled 14 hours a day without changng out of low gear. It was tough country. One station bunkhouse he dossed down in had the beds suspended by chains from the roof. In a flat landscape where the outline of a sheep on the horizon took on the proportions of a buffalo or a clump of bushes resembled a vital hillock, it was inevitable that Grady would get lost.

Perhaps the worst incident was when he spent a day retracing his steps and found his waterbag had sprung a leak, emptying its precious contents. Mile after mile of dreadful riding - it seemed to be maddening. The country is one great bog where neither man nor horse may travel. Darkness and rain stopped even this effort and he sought refuge under scrubby bushes from a two-hour deluge. He had been lost for two days.

In the dawn light he returned to his bike. Miraculously, he was safe. But he had suffered the privations that still exist for outback travellers, and there are many motorcycle tourists on big often rented Japanese single-cylinder dirt- bikes who have lost their bearings in the outback. Now a new problem faced Grady. How to cross the swollen creeks. Then smearing grease over the petrol tank cap. I cautiously started across. In mid-stream the handlebars were just visible. On another occasion he found it easier to cross a major riverbed by dismantling the bike, carrying the engine across, then the rolling chassis, and reassembling it.

He also experienced fuel problems. At one point in the journey across the continent petrol was available at the astronomical price of 10 shillings a gallon! On one occasion he rode 73 miles using kerosene paraffin in place of petrol. His oil supply dried up once, and he made do with a home-brew of six bottles of medicinal castor oil, half a gallon of beef dripping always semi-liquid in the summer heat and two pints of windmill oil.

One station Grady crossed was Loneliness was not a problem as he befriended some Aboriginals, who taught him how to harvest the desolate landscape for edible plants and berries. But perhaps the most bizarre incident was when he met a bullock wagon team whose driver seemed to have a knowledge of motorcycles. It transpired the man had a belt-drive Douglas strapped under the wagon between the axles. This gives me an extra two days drinking time before my Aboriginal offsider arrives with the wagon.

He received civic receptions in the state capitals of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. The journey home across the Nullabor from Adelaide was still a daunting experience, but Grady made light of it saying it is a known road and has been travelled many times by motorists and motorcyclists.

The great journey is finished and I am quietly satisfied with the honour of being the first to do it. To the Douglas and Bates tyres I cannot give too much honour. Not one spare part was used on the machine, which never once failed me and the Bates tyres never once punctured. Grady was later offered a large sum of money to repeat the trip on an lndian but declined. He later raced speedway motorcycles and continued riding motorcycles until the late s. He died a few years later. He completed the journey in ten weeks, a couple less than he had given himself for the trip.

He had the help of a support truck for about half the trip - he parted company with his on-road assistance at Broome, in north-west WA, completing the second-half of the journey by himself. The fuel tank was widened for greater capacity, some bearings were replaced with modern designs, the inch wheels were swapped for 19s, an air cleaner protected the engine, which used Australian-made conrods and pistons. Changes were made to the oiling system for improved reliability, and, having sponsorship from Penrite Oils, Cass had no fear of running out of the liquid gold.

Cass made it around the country without any major dramas, but he was nearly stopped with mechanical failure at Mt Isa. It turned out to be a failing main bearing, which he repaired in Mt Isa with the assistance of the local vintage car club. He says, in fact, that he spent many of the nights he was away staying with people from the various vintage motorcycle and car clubs around Australia.

Included was a route map around the continent. It has a bit of an introductory and postscript but the part about the trip is a much abbreviated account with the portion of the carter with the TS model slung under the wagon miss-printed twice compared to the version credited to the "Motor Cycle", June 11th Much of that abbreviated portion of the actual trip is verbatim to passages in the longer version, indicating that rather than printing the complete tale as contemporarily related by Grady, the author relied on extracts of the older publication.

I do not know when this version was printed, as the date does not appear in the photocopy I have. But it does mention at the end Grady died in , so it must postdate that. It also mentions the trip was sponsored by Douglas Motors, Bates tyres, and the western Australian agent Armstrong of Freemantle? It is said the machine was sent back to England, and later displayed in the Douglas museum, what ever that was. The current whereabouts of the machine was unknown. Probably by Douglas; like they did after a win in the TT.

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One wonders if any copies survived of the Douglas-Grady version. As mentioned in this thread, it was also reprinted in the New ConRod a few years back. But exactly when and which version I can not recall. Unfortunately the NCR is not indexed, so looking up such items is tedious. Neil is not a computer enthusiast and admits to not knowing how to turn one on!

Someone has brought this posting to his attention and he would like to make a comment and has asked me to put it in writing on the posting. As you would expect he and Kevin Cass are great friends having both done the same trip as Grady. Neil and Kevin have spoken many times about both their own trips and Grady's original journey and are both agreed that Grady certainly actually did the trip, there is plenty of pictorial and other evidence backing this up.

But what they also agree on is that they doubt very much Grady's journey was as "uneventfull" as claimed, certainly they both had problems along the way even with modern tyres. Lets not forget that the event was "sponsored" by Douglas, Bates Tyres and other parties Grady had done a couple of similar shorter runs previous to his Douglas effort Douglas enthusiast George Stevenson has done a hell of a lot of research on Grady's trip and has come up with a paper on it Neil would be very glad to talk to anyone re Grady unfortunately Kevin is not enjoying the best of health at the moment and can be contacted by phone George would also enjoy a chat about his research The text is verbatim to the online version in the geocities link.

DOUG Yes its true. His summary was that Arthur Grady could not have done the circumnavigation without tyres problems. And me roads in the Kimberleys. Purpose: He moved to Australia in Between and he led 14, mainly gold prospecting , expeditions through inland Australia; he wrote several books about his experiences. Terry mentions that the vehicles performed faultlessly throughout the trip.

The only difficulty they had was fitting dual radiators, when at Lower Sturt Creek Station. Bush historian and author. Smitheram, R.

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Prescott,8 E. Jolly,9 C. Syme and M. Ten Leaving Darwin on 21 July, the party headed south towards Katherine , in two one ton Guy Roadless trucks, both of which were towing trailers. The trucks were christened Maililma11 and Gwalowa. Once they reached Billiluna , they left Gelaben with Dave Bickley Billiluna Station manager , because the motor cycle would be unable to negotiate sand dune country.

The next stop was Weriaddo Well, No. It was four metres down to the water, which was only mm deep. The water was brackish, too bitter for drinking and too hard to wash in. Terry made note of the excellent workmanship of the well, especially the neat and precise timbering of the shaft. After some days rest, the group set off for Godfreys Tank. On approaching the foot of the tablelands, they headed south searching for the tank. To their dismay the party found the tank dry; they had been expecting to be able to bathe in its waters.

Some members of the party climbed to the top of the tableland and discovered a cairn, presumed to be built by Carnegie. Low brush wind breaks were grouped in rows of three or four. Never before had I seen such a large collection, there must have been accommodation for at least one hundred. Ltd, Wolverhampton, England, from to The names are unknown. Overnight stop at Meeedin mile east od Perth in Western Australia. The names of all guys in and in are unknown to B.

From Perth - South - Sydney - Cairns. Publications : They did not have a sponsor for their tour. They had many publications in newsparers and magazines worldwide. And they had some different books in differenr languages. November All publication of books see: www. Organization: 1st info: Martin Franitza. Museum : Zusammenfassung der Reise in ungarischer Sprache von Dr.

Bernd Tesch sells this as well. First World-Around-Tour by Hungarians. I still have to work out his book concerning his Australian part. He was the first motorcycle traveller "Around Australia" on a solo-motorcycle without sidecar? He used an "Indian Scout". Le: This is the official sale brochure of Indian with a sidecar Internet. This is a n "Indian Scout" for sale in modern times Internet.

If you can make offer thsi it would be a great help for the history, Len Jones rode with Alfred? Fred Clarke from Perth, W. Leederville, via Northern Territory to Melbourne. In total a 11, miles trip miles of cattle-track. They rode an Indian Scout without? Just for fun. Len decided to work their passage round the continent. They have fuel-tanks good for miles. Route : Sydney Earlier experiences: "'We've done about 40,00 or 50, miles on the machine together in the back country of New South -Wales, and we're keen on seeing if she will take us right round Australia.

We're going to cling to the coast as much as we can. The worst: It was not just fun Len Jones wanted to meet Arthur Grady in Perth. Publications : Tesch: "I believe a Mr. Len Jones attempted a circumnavigation of Australia on an Indian Scout outfit in and I am attempting to source further information". A newspaper from Adelaide South Australia. Ariel Motor Company.

Jan Mitchell: "I think that Len did marry once, but I am not sure". Lived in Fivedock. Jan Mitchell: "I know that he had no children". I have NO contact with any of the families either. There is nobody of that generation left alive. Osborne born-name?? Married at?? Osborne was born Rachel Osborne. Joseph Osborne. Bartholomew Osborne. Hannah Osborne. Grandmother of Jan MItchell. Albina Osborne. Frederick Osborne. Mary Osborne. Harold Osborne Jan Mitchell: "He was an only child".

None of this is secure information. I cannot do any more Bernd. I have tried very hard to find more out for you, but you can only go so far without reliable information. The family put up barriers to some information. Margaret Thelma Osborne. Noel Bartholomew Osborne. Neville Warren Osborne. Married at??.??. Jack Mitchell Son of?? Mitchell and?? Mitchell Born name??

Francis John Mitchell Son of?? Mitchel Born-name? David Mtchell married to Susan. I have no more to add and both Jack and I wish you well in your hunt. Cheers from Australia. Jack has just died some months before. I saw the original diary and got later some fotos as scans from her. Jack Bowers circled Australia in with a Harley Davidson with sidecar. I had prepared this Australian own tour very well an dvisited 34 different persons concerning "motorcycle in Australia. Or from Europe to Australia and reverse.. And visited some Australian experts concening historical rides.

Very important was the visit of "Fred Bendles" son, Robin H.


Bendle and his wife Sandra in Australia. Fred Bendle and Harry Hobson circled In this I found a first information about "Len Jones who circled Australia in ". He sais: No more publications without one in Ariel-magazine We started a research together beginning to know some details of the personal life and family of Len Jones and a bit of his mc-tour around Australia. He made a lot of successful research in the Australian newspares in internet of the "Around Australia tour by Len Jones on an Indian Scout" for me.

In the newspaper Geraldton 02nd. But it was not the first "Around Australia". That was done by Arthur Grady at If you know of fotos of the tour, please send them as a scan for this historical blog. I know that he had no children. He was an only child and the family kept to themselves. Will send account of Len Jones's journey by end April. Neil and Kevin have spoken about Grady's original journey.

Both agreed that Grady certainly actually did the trip, there is plenty of pictorial and other evidence backing this up". Ride Round Australia. They left Sydney on March 6. This is the first time the feat has been attempted. Both are taking their turn to sit on the carrier, which is fitted with a leather cushion, and is so comfort able, they say, 'that they can go to sleep on it -while riding. The machine, an Indian Scout , is practically hidden by the equipment they are carrying-tent, blankets, tucker box, billy, tomahawk, gun, and other odds and e?? At Maroubra this month Cecil Brown, on his Indian, with marvellous consistency retained against his fifth challenge the Maroubra gold helmet.

The race, is 10 miles all powers dash he won easily. His fastest lap was covered at 99 miles an hour. On the same day, again on an Indian, he won the Maroubra Silver Cup a 10 mile dash for under c. His fastest lap was 93 miles an hour. Those two races were the principal motor cycle events on the programme. They left Melbourne on March 22, travelling round the continent anti-clockwise. The two youthful adventurers have more than optimism to back them. Both are motor cycle mechanics togeher they have travelled more than 40, miles on their machines in New South Wales and Queensland, and are familiar with that, section of their long ride.

They are well informed about conditions existing over the rest of the route. The Scout belongs to Jones, but each is taking his turn to ride on it. It has been made comfortable by the provision of a leather cushion, well sprung, and foot rests fixed to the frame.

Strapped on to the Scout in a manner that proves the two youths old hands at the game, is a medley of camping equipment, tent, blankets, tucker box, billy, rifle, tomahawk and waterproof sheeting. Their mission, 'Round Australia,' is painted on the tank. The Scout is a model Inspite of its 40, miles, it has not been rebored.

To test it before starting on their strenuous undertaking, Jones and Kennedy took it on to the Maroubra track and it went around, touching 65 miles an hour, for three hours without a murmur. Though not yet quite recovered from an illness contracted in Sydney, Spencer Stratton raced on Indian at Warrnambool Vic on March 20, and carried off the 5 miles Western District Championship.

Paul S's reading list and other stuff - part 3

Soren informed B. Successful attempts have been made before on side car and solo outnts, but Jones and Kennedy will try to do the journey both on one solo machine, a model Indian Scout. A big pillion seat will be used by the rider behind, and with plenty of luggage tied on, they expect to have a fairly comfortable ride. A tent, gun, cooking utensils and many sundries will be carried, and extra tanks, enabling them to carry enough petrol for over miles, have been built on the machine. They do not intend to hurry, and expect to be away eight or nine months.

Dunlop tyres, and Castrol oil will be used throughout the journey. If confidence and optimism go for anything, Kennedy and Jones should have a most successful trip. APRIL 13, Page 3. Though 71, and having only three sound fingers, Mr. James Parker, of Maree N.

The idea was suggested him by the attempt now being made of Len Jones land Will Kennedy to 'double-dink' round Australia on an Indian Scout. Parker, a pioneer of the New South Wales north-west, lost several fingers when forest clearing some years ago yet he handles his machine with dexterity. Jones and Kennedy, who left Melbourne on March 22, two-up on an Indian Scout, to ride round Australia, reached Adelaide on March 29, with little incident and no trouble.

One little happening shows how quietly the two travel. On a sand bed in South Australia Kennedy got off the carrier to make it easier for the Scout to get through. Jones went on. About five miles before he discovered Kennedy's absence. Both are enthusiastic about the Way their Scout is pulling the load it carries. With themselves and equipment they estimate the load at nearly lb. They left Melbourne on March 26, and had travelled 3, miles on arrival at Perth. Their chances of completing the trip are good, for they are familiar with most of the distance now to be covered. As far as Broome they will keep to the route of the aerial mail.

The youths are earning money on the way round, which accounts for their slow progress. In Adelaid they worked at jobs for five weeks, and they intend to find work in Perth. For their actual riding time they have averaged miles a day. Jones and Fred. Clarke , the two young Australian motor cyclists who, in April last, set out from Melbourne on a trip around Australia, reached Brisbane at They have had many and varied experiences in making their way from Perth through the the north-east portion of West Australia, thence to Darwin and the Western towns of Queensland.

They reached Roma on Tuesday, Toowoomba on Wednesday, and finished the journey to Brisbane yesterday morning. On a Motor Cycle. Jones and Clarke left Brisbane on Tuesday, passed through Lismore on' thursday. When Jones reaches Sydney he will have travelled 11, miles. The two young motor cyclists, Len Jones and F. Clark, who have ridden one motor cycle round Australia, completed their journey on Saturday afternoon, when they reached the Sydney G.

Len Jones, accompanied by W. Speedway Royal. Some of the closest motor cycle racing jet wit nessed in Sydney took place at Speedway Royal on Saturday evening, several of the events being won by inches only. The principal event of the evening, the Golden Gauntlet sciatch race, was won by the Lithgow collum, Len Jones.

Barnes, which broke the Brisbane to Sydney record, and the two motor cyclistst L. Jones and F. Clarke, who are completing a ride around Australia, gave an exhibition drivie around the track. By Motor Cycle. After a final stage of about miles, from a point within 20 miles of Dungog to Sydney, the two young motor cyclists, Len Jones and F. Clarke, who rode a motor cycle around Australia, completed their Journey on saturday afternoon. They were welcomed at the General Post Ofllce by Mr. Haigh Miller, on behalf of Messrs. Len Jones, who is a resident of Fivedock, left Sydney, accompanied by W.

Kennedy, on an Indian motor cycle, specially equipped with large fuel tanks and other fittings, with the object of riding completely around the Continent, on March 6 last. They took turns at driving, the passenger sitting on a tandem seat. Another very strenuous time was experienced by Jones and his new companion. Clarke, who joined him in Perth, when they tackled the roadless section of the Continent from the northern settlements In Western Australia through Hall's Creek to Emungalan, the terminus of teo Northern Territory line, and again through the Territory Into Western Queensland.

The motor cyclists passed through some drought- ravaged country, the Northern Territory having suffered in this way for six years past. Stock was in a pitiful condition in many places, and Jones states that on one occasion he saw hundreds of dead horses. During his journey, Jones has covered 11, miles on the motor cycle, and states that fully miles of this distance was over cattle tracks.

The two white pfhellah fellow on "wheel-borrow" is what Western Australian blacks called Len Jones and Will Kennedy, who have returned to Sydney on their round-Australia ride, "double-dinking" on an Indian Scout. They left Melbourne on March One slice of the distance— miles front Nullabor Station to Eucla - put the determination of the two youths to a gruelling test.

The road, good when dry, vas completely under water, and they were four and a half days covering it, in one long nightmare of back-breaking effort. Every few hundred yards - hundreds of times a day - they had to take out the back wheel of the Scout to scrape mud from underneath the mudguard. In one place, where they thought to dodge the road a bit, they ran into a wombat burrow, and were an hour and of half dragging their machine out.

Then, at night, at was so wet underground, that they had to build a platform of saplings to sleep on. The term "wheelbarrow" is made of two words: "wheel" and "barrow. Some months ago two young adventurers pushed off from the Perth G. Jones rode through to Perth from Melbourne via Adelaide, accompanied by another young man, who, however, broke the journey at Perth, and allowed Clarke to complete the round Australia trip. The cyclists have now reached Melbourne, and during the course of a Press interview Jones stated that now that he had completed the journey round Australia he had a very different opinion about the trip from that which he held when he set out.

It took Alf Clarke and myself nearly eight months to do the trip, and we found all the fun and adventure we wanted, and more. Owing to the terrible travelling conditions, and the mile upon mile of shifting sand, we had many spills. Roads there are none. In fact, in the West, and in the Northern Territory we averaged about six crashes a day. Near Port Augusta, at Lincoln Gap , we crashed in loose gravel, and I was in bed for a week with an injury to my knee. At Pendan Sands, some distance from Broome, we had 43 crashes in a mile stretch of heavy sand.

At other times the wheels sank up to the hubs in mud. But this was only part of the joys of travel. Going round the Great Australian Bight we went without food for four days. Rain overtook us on our way to Eucla , and made travel impossible. We shot a black rabbit with our last bullet. It was eaten inside 15 minutes. Outside from Willeroo, Northern Territory , we were delayed in the bush for two days, owing to trouble with our mount. Our only water supply was a slimy billabong, and there was a dead bullock lying in it.

We came through that more by luck than anything else. The blacks were all right if you treated them right. But many of them would "skewer" you if you gave them a chance. They called us The "two white-feller on wheelbarrow". The motor cycle they called the "sit down, walk away.

Four of them were still alive, and the dingoes were tearing at them. A few bullets put them out of their misery. At Lorne Creek we passed 1, black horses, or brumbies, that had been shot to save grass for cattle, owing to the drought. The carcases lined the track for 25 miles. When we camped at night the dingoes would gather round, howling and fighting among themselves. But they would run when we chased them with sticks. They do not often attack. It was in W. A lonely telegraph linesman we met there had constant trouble with them.

They bit the tail off one of his camels one night. Petrol was impossible to obtain at times. In addition to food, petrol and water shortages, we were often short of cash. The two baby opossums we brought back with us have travelled 5. We carried them in our shirts. And now trip is over, and I am going back to Sydney - by train. Organization: Len Jones attempted a circumnavigation of Australia on an Indian Scout outfit in and I am attempting to source further information.

If and when I do the story will be submitted for publication. I have no idea when this might happen. Give a date say the to s. You mentioned in previous mail, the tour was on Indian scout outfit? It could be the same man, and I could try emailing to some of the australians directly, outside the internet, to see if anybody knows.

I have had more other contacts with Doug about other subjects, and he know more of the australians. Unfortunately his brother died some weeks ago. Her husband Jack will be 90 in 5 weeks several more times. She answered with a lot of personal infos of him. So I hope he will do ths job to collect all about Len Jones. And Peter will inform me soon. My library, such as it is, is focused on the to period, which is the era of all my bikes. However, I know someone with bound copies of all the to motorcycling magazines there were two rival weekly publications, both with huge circulations, in those days.

Sadly, he's not computer literate and won't be able to scan anything. I usually visit him a couple of times a year for a cuppa and to do some research for myself. Sometime in the next 2 months I'll be calling in on him with laptop and scanner so will happily copy the article for Bernd if it's there. Sam: I have more emails out with more people. I'll let you know if I hear anything. The AMCA was formed in so unfortunately our library does not go back to If one reader knows this I would be very grateful of this info!

And informed me about him at And then many times more. And send me a letter with newspaper clippings as well. Most of the products you will taste and use during your staying are homemade, as for example our sourdough bread, fruit jams, honey and also the soap! Over and above that during the summer our garden provides us with plenty of vegetables, herbs for teas, spices, We will be glad to share them with you!

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    Roofed, parking. Supermarket 7 km, shopping centre 18 km, restaurant 5 km, bus stop m, railway station "Biasca" 18 km. Walking paths from the house 10 m, cable car 9 km, ski lift 7 km, chair lift 7 km, ski rental 7 km, children's ski school 7 km, sled run 7 km, ice field 18 km.

    Please note: baby equipment on request extra. Playground, m. Ferienwohnung in Valle di Blenio for 2 persons. Holistic house in the village of Scareno.. Idelal for relaxing, self journey retreats. We do offer morning holistic activities. Also you can enjoy very nice walk all around and also the Maggiore lake 20 minutes driving far away. A popular politician is found dead in his office in Basel - but his business and party partners moved him there from a prostitute's apartment in order to protect his and the party's reputation. There is something very fishy about these business partners, but what?

    Well written. Hej Barbara, thanks for looking over to Basel from Paris Hi Paul, it's been a while since I last visited your thread. I hope you and your family are well. Btw, I waved when driving through under Basel, but didn't see anyone waving back. Maybe you were reading? A hotel manager is found hanging from a roof beam by a mentally handicapped young man.

    Is he the killer? The journalist Frank Bachmann starts to investigated for his journal. What dark secrets are there in this small Bavarian village?? The plot is good, but some things are far-fetched and some characters are a hazy. I finished another old book proofreading for wikisource.

    A medical doctor examines and commentates the new law for factory workers which a commission prepared for the Swiss government. How long should a working day be, 10 or 11 hours? Should women be allowed to work in factories? How old should the children be when working in a factory, 13 or 14? How should the emission of dust and 'air condition' be?

    Should there be compulsory health insurance fro factory workers? Intersting document of the time These sources are excellent.

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    We just passed through Basel on our way to and from our destination and since the traffic's mainly underground, we saw very little of Basel. That's why the Swiss Economic Archive makes the effort of making it available online. Maybe your companions are interested in free German or English books? One of our turtles is laying eggs.

    Pity they don't survive, for one they are both females and their eggs are not fertilized and the climate here is not warm enough. When disturbed they stop laying eggs and then they are uneasy and look for another place to dig a whole - hard work. It takes them almost an hour to lay all their eggs. So we watched from the balcony and didn't go into the garden.

    An adventure in a far away future on a far away planet: Owain learns that his father is not his real father and sets out to find out who he is. He was brought to the carpenter by somebody from the royal court. On the way he is rescued by a young lady and her escort from the highwaymen who robbed him. Then they travel to the capital to find out about themselves and the heir of the kingdom not Owain, that would have been too simple.

    An easy readable book for teenagers. A children's book, about Tick, Trick and Track visiting their grandma and never helping on the farm during their stay Coming of age in the Caribbean and in South London. Teh first person narrator tells of his growing up in Guayana, his Indian background finding a disadvantage compared with the whites but also an advantage compared with the blacks. He then has the possibility to go to his father in London. But then he was handed over to the social welfare. But he wants to achieve something in life, learns hard and gets a place at Oxford. Problems and ideas, obstracles and lucky moments of a group of different youth, all trying to find into adulthood - and into the world.

    The author himself comes from Guayana, and so there are some autiobiographical aspects in it. Travers - Wenn du den Kirschbaumweg suchst, so brauchst du nur den Schutzmann an der Strassenkreuzung zu fragen. Clair Robson - Achtzehnhundertsechsunddreissig war ein ereignisloses Jahr.

    What I mainly did during the last weeks in LT was cataloguing my bookmarks. Oh, I love the Inspector Jury's series. Happy Weekend, Paul. So, you are back from your holidays - with many good memories, I guess. Have a good start into the new week. Yes, we are back and already the first school week behind me. Wishing you good week ahead, too. Since our kids are out of school I keep forgetting when school holidays start or end. A neighbor is a teacher, too she also studied at the same teacher's seminary in Wettingen as I did , and she got retired now.

    I asked another neighbor also a teacher about the new curriculum Lehrplan 21 and she just said, 'Well, we still teach wir geben immer noch Schule '. Here they now started with that. No, we haven't started yet with LP I'm involved with studying it since the last two years. So I know it rather good. Your nrighbour is right. We'll teach as we have done the last couple of years. I guess I'll ask the neighbor again in a few weeks Wow, I love the CHinese one - even if I can't read it. Really neat! The Chinese one is silk, the Arabic is stitched on some fabric - which makes your comparison with a circuit board quite plausible.

    Somewhere in one of the boxes that got moved from the old one to the new one I have a collection of bookmarks that I've found in donated books over the years. There are some interesting ones. I had to look at the books and decide to keep them or not. At first I got rid of all the bookmarks and other stuff which was in the books but then I started collecting the interesting ones. When they downsized my job I asked about that collection and they wanted to throw it away, so I could take it with me. He has to look into illegal employment, to save cats from trees, and warn the market traders of the EU inspectors - and has to oversee the marches for the national holidays.

    But then an Algerian immigrant, an old man who faught with the French in Vietnam and Algeria, is brutally murdered. What is behind the murder? Who was this Hamid whose son is teaching their kids in school? A frustrated woman in Paris tells her story from being in an monastery school, to marrying 'the next best' as her friend puts it , her life and work as wife and co-worker of her husband in a kiosk. Interesting reflections on living with lies and false expectations.

    Not exactly my genre, but I got it from a colleague from the library. She speaks Norwegian and so I got her two Norwegian novels and she gave me this French novel. A Korean manga. A poor, simple fisher, Baik Il Hong, lives in peace on an island. But one day headhunters appear on the island who want to catch him. He looks and speaks like a simpleton but his movements and his strength is a big challenge for the hunters. Fun to read a manga for change. I love all your bookmarks. I would be lost without them and therefore I buy always new ones wherever I am. I've read four so far and will continue to do so.

    Happy Sunday, Paul. I think, I only bought two bookmarks, all the others I found in old books. That was my 2nd Bruno mystery. I started with Grand Cru , and I have two more of the series. Balthasar Rauch returns home to Southern Germany after the war, together with other refugees he wants to start a new life. Among the refugees are many Hungarians, one of calls himself 'Zriny', making himself a descendant of this noble family, but his behavior is not so noble A short story about people trying to life a new life after war.

    As always, I so appreciate your lovely photos! I've added Reading Woman to be tbr pile. What a lovely family! Thanks for sharing your thread topper. I really like the "ready to read" ones. The touchstone isn't working properly, I guess you put Women Who Read are Dangerous to your pile : The oldest daughter was missing.

    Last Sunday we had a baptism service in the River Rhine, six young people were baptized. Enjoying a glass of red wine at sunset. Fewer people opted for the lake this year because they'd been having some reports of electric shocks in the water due to a problem at one of the marinas. Most people just do the baptistry at church. Beautiful sunset. The church in Riehen has no baptistry in the building. I was baptised in the river Reuss.

    The refugee crisis is worse now. Then there were basically uprooted people from neighbouring countries on the run and there were no organized refugee smugglers around. And the refugees were happy to work for their food and did not have any money when they came. Greeks told me of the attitude of some of the refugees who come to their shores that these heard back home that they should go to houses with crosses and they will receive everything for free. This attitude to get everything for free from Europe We heard in church today about Christians in the Northern Iraq who are persecuted by their fellow citizens but have no money to pay for their trip through Turkey to Europe In the Caritas shop I work we see more and more refugees who came from Eritrea, they paid large sums for coming here.

    But what I am also concerned about are those who have no money to escape from their country and therefore receive no help. What I also wonder is what the Red Crescent Societies are doing. The Red Cross is not allowed to work everywhere but the Red Crescent doesn't have enough resources I think there are so many things going on here that it's impossible to find answers to all the open questions.

    What holds the future for those refugees making it here? Suki is an American-South Korean she has the same name as my wife journalist who goes to North Korea in order to teach English to North Korean elite students. She is not allowed to speak Korean with the students and she cannot correct the lies of the regime - when students tell her that everywhere in the world there are Juche-study-centers sponsored by each government, she cannot tell them the truth about the isolated situation of North Korea. When there are outings with other teachers there are always minders accompanying them - and she even has to pay their travel fees and meals.

    Students do not understand the concept of individual decisions, or taxes, or paying for electricity or hospitals as the poor Americans have to, since their Great Leader provides all that for them. Each English lesson had to been approved in advance by their 'counterparts', down to the single wording of exercises. She describes the live in a total closed society where one starts to censor oneself for fear of exclusion from the close knitted relationships.

    A fascinating but very depressing read.

    Finde heute die Filme von gestern

    How can one stand that system for half a year as Suki did? Gives a good personal insight into that foreign world without any freedom. Then he dies unexpectedly in old palazzo in Venice. An English servant of the couple also disappears shortly before the Lord dies. The widow of this servant starts to ask around An old mystery, first published A sad chapter of Swiss history: the persecution of the Anabaptists.

    ‎„The Platinum Collection“ von Queen bei Apple Music

    The story was published in , so the years previous was when the story took place. The pastor checked old documentations and then wrote this story about Ulli and Anni Steiner. So Anni had to leave. Thousands were deported on galleys, beheaded, burnt, or forced into exile A tragic story with a happyend for the Steiners based on old documents. And, I like the fact that the youth pastor is encouraging young people to read. Some young people had 'only' an online Bible and he encouraged them t get the 'real thing'. A play with songs in Bernese German.

    A poor family, a day laborer, has to leave their little house because they couldn't pay their debt to the rich farmer anymore. They should leave the village as it often happened back then before in Switzerland. But the daughter of the rich farmer is in love with a farm hand and she founds out about the foul play of her father The set reminded me a bit of Bollywood movies: poor guy loves a rich girl, beautiful mountains as scenery, every-so-often the characters sing a song with dancing, and a happy ending. The author also wrote the music for the play. He was a pastor in the Reformed church.

    I had to guess some of the dialect words because they are not in use anymore, otherwise an enjoyable read. Lady Edgware wants to get rid of her husband in order to marry another one - and that she tells everyone. So when gets killed she is the prime suspect - but she has an alibi being at a party with a dozen other people Typical Poirot with his monologue at the end telling averybody how clever he was in entangling the mystery and the false trails other laid out for him.

    Mrs Kim from North Korea is here in Basel at the moment. She is a refugee who fled the North Korean 'Paradise'. Her father was imprisoned because her grandfather was a Christian she didn't know then what that is. And then they had to leave the capital Pyongyang and were moved into a small village. Later when the country's economy collapsed and the 'Great Leader' wasn't anymore able to feed the people. She told of people eating human flesh. Then they tried to flee to China. But they were captured. Her husband died in prison, she was let go, only skin and bones, too weak to walk, she to crawl.

    In the new village she received placenta to eat from a friendly neighbour. Later she fled with her youngest son to China and lived there underground because the Chinese deport every Korean back to North Korea. Her daughter escaped on a different route and was captured by traffickers and sold to a rich Chinese. She then became a Christian in China. She experienced the love and mercy of other Christians. Someone she even doesn't know paid for her escape through Laos to Thailand only there she was able to go to a South Korean embassy and ask for asylum.

    Since about 4 years she now lives in South Korea. Her daughter was allowed to visit her in South Korea and then went back to her husband and child in China now with a South Korean passport. A heart breaking story, but filled with the God's grace. North Korea is a truly godless nation - and therefore the most human. Mankind on its own.

    We went up to Mt Pilate yesterday and had the privilege to use 4 different systems of transport with 5 different carriages: -- Aerial gondola aerial cableway -- steepest cogwheel railway of the world boat I forgot to take a picture of the bus bringing us back. My wife fell in love with it when we first went up there ages ago. The North Korean lady was also very much taken in by that mountain. We took the 'Golden Tour' around. It was a bit cloudy and windy but otherwise a fine day.